Are you disappointed in mining and not ready to waste money on expensive equipment?

Have you been unlucky whilst waiting for an exchange rate to grow? There is another solution.

B2Business – a forward investment fund that suggests passive income utilising cryptocurrency.

The fund has chosen to invest in the most prospective branches of the economy to create a secure foundation:

  • Consumer transactions
  • Financial sector
  • Natural resources
  • Media start-ups
  • ICO and cryptocurrencies

B2Business has the ability to successfully choose companies at the preparation stage, so that later they are guaranteed to make profit. They always try to provide profit for their partners stably and reliably.

The most important decision was the acquisition of a huge amount of BTC in 2009 at a price of less than $ 0.08 per 1 BTC in the history of the company.

In September, 2018, the head of the company decided to open an online resource to expand the investment opportunities of both the company and private investors, which for many objective reasons cannot buy back the shares of large corporations.

Any resident of our planet can go to the fund’s website, choose the area of investment, and then the company will do everything for them, and they can accumulate passive income. Investments in the fund are absolutely safe, the company is officially registered, and all investor deposits are insured.

Now the fund is actively developing, the company is opening representative offices in Turkey, Russia, as well as in Brazil. The portfolio of accepted payment systems and cryptocurrencies is growing. Currently, the fund accepts USD, BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, DOGE and XRP.

In conclusion, I want to say thanks to CEO Simone Raffaeli, because her idea to open previously closed investment areas for every inhabitant of our planet is really cool.

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We are discussing it in our Telegram Channel


We are discussing it in our Telegram Channel