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Wirex Unveils Innovative Metal Card and Membership Plan Enhancement

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Wirex, a leader in innovative financial solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its revolutionary Metal Card, accompanied by an enhanced membership plan. 

This latest offering promises unmatched benefits, top-notch perks, and a personalized experience for all financial activities of its users.

This impressive upgrade comes along with the Metal Membership Plan, which combines luxury and practicality to redefine banking.

Pavel Matveev, Wirex’s CEO & Co-founder, said: ‘With the introduction of our Metal Card, Wirex continues its mission to redefine banking. We believe in providing not just financial services but a lifestyle, where every transaction is a step towards a seamless and rewarding future.’

The Metal Plan Advantages:

  • Fancy Card, No Extra Costs: Elevate your financial style with a Visa Signature card made of exquisite metal, embodying luxury and durability.
  • No Issuing & Delivery Fees: Experience top-notch service without the additional burden of fees.
  • Flexible Payment Options: For just £30 per month (or £300 annually), the Metal Plan offers unparalleled value.
  • Monthly Fee Waiver: Bid farewell to monthly fees by meeting specific criteria:
    • Maintain a balance of at least £100,000.
    • Hold a minimum of £50,000 in X-Accounts Plus.
    • Keep 1,500,000 veWXT in your balance.
    • Spend £20,000 or more on your card monthly.
    • Achieve a transaction volume of £50,000 on Multiply.
  • Second-to-None Cryptoback Rates: Enjoy a base Cryptoback rate of 2%, with customizable earnings reaching up to 15% based on spending categories.
  • Lots of Benefits: Earn up to £300 monthly and receive a delightful welcome bonus of £300 in WXT for spending £15,000 in your first three months.
  • Bonus Privileges: From five free LoungeKey lounge visits annually to 24/7 travel and legal assistance, the Metal Plan ensures you’re in good company.

Pricing and Accessibility Across Tiers:

Wirex believes in inclusivity while offering exclusive services for those seeking premium and personalized experiences.

  • Standard Plan: Free of charge, providing basic financial services for everyday use.
  • Metal Plan: For £30 per month, enjoy an enhanced banking experience with unique benefits.
  • Private Plan: An invite-only tier for elite customers, accessible through specific eligibility criteria.

Enjoy Fantastic Benefits:

Each membership level offers unique benefits, ensuring outstanding financial experience with Wirex.

  • Standard vs. Metal: Both tiers provide strong benefits, but the Metal Plan stands out with priority support, exclusive merchant privileges and more.
  • Premium Privileges: The Metal Plan offers VIP treatment, including LoungeKey access and on-call emergency assistance.

Generous Limits for Diverse Goals:

Wirex memberships come with generous limits, ensuring smooth financial transactions, regardless of size.

  • Free ATM Withdrawals: Ranging from £100 per month for Standard to £400 per month for both Metal and Private tiers.
  • Increased Transaction Limits: Enjoy higher ATM and transactional limits with the Metal and Private tiers.

For more information, please visit Wirex website.

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