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Why You Should Be Part of Nuzai Network’s Revolutionary AR Technology

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Updated by Shilpa Lama

(Editor’s note: The content of this press release was provided by Nuzai Network. Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by BeInCrypto staff.)

You may think that non-fungible tokens are Nyan Cat gif sold for 600.000 dollars, a single LeBron James’s highlight, or thousands of pixel images that can’t be used or touched or hung on the wall. But what if we tell you that it should not be like this and that blockchain can make a visible difference in real life and solve tremendous planet’s problems?

The world is ready for good guys who are willing to make a difference and on August 23, those guys will start an auction with an honorable mission to stop animal abuse, build a creative space for young talented artists and offer token owners a unique opportunity to interact with their purchases through augmented reality.

The whole potential of augmented reality It is still beyond our imagination but already now we can realize that blockchain is very powerful tool for protection our the most discriminated group of creatures on planet – animals.

Step by step we are going to make great changes and our first leap is creating our unique collection of NTF cards #SaveAnimals. Fight against cosmetics andpharmacological animal testing is our number one priority! On our pilot big auction, we are planning to raise money for famous pro-animals organizations as NAVS (The National Anti-Vivisection Society), WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature), IFAV (The International Fund for Animal Welfare) and CellStandard and donate 20% of earned profit.

Money will be correctly divided between all institutions in followed parts: NAVS – 5%, IFAV – 4%, WWF–6%, CellStandard – 5%. By the end of 2022 we plan to donate 1 000 000 dollars to animal protection funds and join crucial Anti-Vivisection movement. And won’t forget about our main goal – create 3D models with unique NTFaddresses andmake tokens real! Within the bounds of augmented reality of course.

We use Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, our token’s symbol is NZI and by the end of 2022 we are planning to create our own blockchain network based on the consensus of the Asynchronous Binary Byzantine Agreement. On our network space talented creators could make unique art projects, earn good money and be confident that 20% of profits will go for making real changes in world.

The 11th of march 2021 “Everydays: The First 5000 days” was sold for 69,34 million dollars and it changed crypto-reality. Now we know that NFT is not just a future – it is THE future! And why don’t you make this future great together with Nuzai Network.


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