American multinational financial services giant and commonly known credit card company Visa is hiring a Technical Product Manager for its Fintech division — specifically, Visa Crypto.

In a move that is almost certainly being made to adapt to the threat cryptocurrencies pose to legacy financial companies, Visa is looking to hire an individual to keep the company up to date with the latest fintech, blockchain, and cryptocurrency developments.

According to the job description posted on Smart Recruiters, the ideal candidate will have a passion for “the intersection of payments and cryptocurrency” in addition to a deep familiarity “with permissionless blockchain technology” and a “close network of experts in the fast moving cryptocurrency and fintech ecosystem.”

Most noteworthy, perhaps, is the fact that this isn’t simply more ‘blockchain not cryptocurrency’ rhetoric from a major corporation looking to survive the impending paradigm shift. Instead, Visa appears poised to put enter the cryptocurrency space in some capacity. Notes the job posting:

As a product manager on the Visa Crypto team, this person will have responsibility for executing Visa’s product strategy within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. […] This person should have great problem solving skills and creativity to find new opportunities and anticipate how cryptocurrencies could impact payments.

Furthermore, specific responsibilities for the job include managing product strategy for cryptocurrency-related opportunities and the ideal candidate will “possess significant functional knowledge of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and players involved, including in-depth knowledge around permissionless blockchain technology as well as a deep understanding of existing retail payment solutions.”

There is no other way to spin this — Visa is getting involved with the cryptocurrency industry.

What do you think of Visa Crypto’s job listing? Do you think the company is afraid of cryptocurrencies and is looking to stay ahead of the curve? Let us know what you think in the comments below!