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Trading Veteran Predicts Bitcoin Will Top at $150,000 in September 2025

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In Brief

  • Veteran trader Peter L. Brandt expects Bitcoin to reach $150,000 by September 2025.
  • His analysis links Bitcoin's price peaks to halving events and past bull market patterns.
  • Analysts like CryptoCon and PlanB support Brandt's bullish Bitcoin forecast post-halving.
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A well-known trading veteran, Peter L. Brandt, recently shared a bold forecast for Bitcoin. According to Brandt, Bitcoin could surge to $150,000 by September 2025.

This prediction stems from historical patterns observed in Bitcoin’s market cycles, specifically related to its “halving” events.

Bitcoin’s Halving Events: A Symmetrical Cycle

In his latest analysis, titled “The Beautiful Symmetry of Past Bitcoin Bull Market Cycles,” Brandt emphasizes the crucial role of Bitcoin’s halving dates. These events, where mining rewards are halved, have historically marked the midpoints of Bitcoin’s bull market cycles. Brandt notes that the time intervals from the start of a bull market to the halving dates closely mirror the intervals from the halving dates to the subsequent market peaks.

“More specifically, the number of weeks from the start of each bull market cycle (the low following a 75%-plus decline) to the Halving dates has been almost equal to the number of weeks from the Halving dates to the subsequent bull market highs,” he wrote.

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Bitcoin Price Performance in Every Halving Cycle.
Bitcoin Price Performance in Every Halving Cycle. Source: Peter L. Brandt

If this pattern holds, Brandt forecasted that Bitcoin could reach its next peak around late August or early September 2025. He suggests that the price might soar to between $130,000 and $150,000, following an inverted parabolic curve that has characterized previous bull markets.

However, Brandt remains cautious, acknowledging that no analysis method is infallible. He assigns a 25% probability that Bitcoin has already peaked for this cycle. He advises traders to monitor Bitcoin’s performance closely, particularly if it fails to achieve a new all-time high and drops below $55,000.

Other prominent analysts also share optimistic outlooks for Bitcoin. Crypto technical analyst CryptoCon points to the Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) indicator as a critical metric for identifying cycle tops and bottoms.

According to CryptoCon, Bitcoin’s price reached levels in March 2024, consistent with the initial tops seen in previous cycles. This indicates room for further growth.

Renowned crypto analyst PlanB also supports a bullish view. He highlighted Bitcoin’s post-halving performance in June, noting its alignment with the Stock-to-Flow model.

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Based on his analysis, Bitcoin is still on track to be in a bull market post-halving. PlanB highlighted that Bitcoin shows a similar pattern in the Stock-to-Flow model to the three previous halvings.

“The big change in the Stock-to-Flow and the Stock-to-Flow model outcome is around the halvings. So, big jump around the halving in the model value and then a price of Bitcoin that shows a little bit of a lag, but it eventually catches up with that model value, and that is exactly what happened in the last three halvings, and I expect [it] will be happening next year,” PlanB said.

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