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Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband Going Live in 10 Arenas Before Season’s End

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Verizon is finally ready to start implementing its 5G Ultra Wideband mobility service, which can provide bandwidth to fans as they attend various concerts, sporting events, and more.
According to the latest updates, Verizon’s’ long-awaited 5G Ultra Wideband mobility service is finally ready to be implemented. In fact, the new technology is already available in a number of locations, including Pepsi Center, Talking Stick Resort Arena, as well as Chase Center. Furthermore, it is expected to arrive soon at Madison Square Garden, as well, with predictions that it will go live in around 10 different centers and arenas by the end of the 2019/2020 season. Verizon These locations were carefully chosen, as they host millions of fans of different sports, as well as concert-goers, and others, every year. By allowing them the opportunity to connect to 5G, Verizon can ensure that the fans would always have top-notch connectivity and access any type of content while attending these events. At the same time, event organizers, teams, businesses, and others can also make use of the same technology to improve their performance and provide new experiences for spectators, as well as participants. 5G Ultra Wideband was created to include everyone, be they individual consumers or businesses. According to Verizon’s VP of Technology, Heidi Hemmer, the company is currently a leader in 5G development, and it has the potential to transform entire industries and the way they operate. This is a next-gen technology, which can be most useful in large venues like arenas that are having it implemented right now. Verizon By adding it to these areas. Verizon hopes to provide much more immersive mobile experiences to anyone who attends these events. The new technology holds the potential to deliver virtual and artificial reality, thus taking the events to the next level. The network will be super fast, with much greater bandwidth, improved customer service, as well as better operating models. The new move comes only a month after Verizon had announced that its 5G Ultra Wideband service was made available in 13 different NFL stadiums. Do you attend concerts and sporting events on a regular basis? Do you expect that Verizon’s new technology will improve your experience during these events? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
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