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This US Presidential Candidate Just Started Accepting Bitcoin Donations

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In Brief

  • Miami Mayor Francis Suarez breaks new ground by accepting Bitcoin for his 2024 Presidential campaign donations.
  • This move aligns with Suarez’s vision of Miami as the “crypto capital,” emphasizing his dedication to cryptocurrency.
  • Beyond crypto, Suarez's innovative fundraising strategies showcase a fresh approach to political campaigning.
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In a move emblematic of a new age in political campaigns, Miami Mayor and avid crypto proponent Francis Suarez has officially begun accepting Bitcoin donations for his 2024 Presidential bid.

This announcement underscores Suarez’s long-standing commitment to digital assets and illuminates the benefits of Bitcoin in political fundraising.

Presidential Candidate Suarez Accepts Bitcoin Donations

Francis Suarez expressed, “Officially, my campaign is accepting Bitcoin.” He believes that adopting crypto paves the way for democratizing opportunities for wealth generation. Especially because, due to the decentralized nature of BTC, it is not influenced by human ulterior motives or political agendas.

Since his meteoric rise to the mayoral office in 2017, Suarez has consistently tried to transform Miami into the nation’s “crypto capital.” A testament to his dedication was the unveiling the “Miami Bull” statue in 2022. This contemporary reinterpretation of Wall Street’s famed bull inaugurated the Bitcoin 2022 conference.

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The integration of Bitcoin in Suarez’s campaign goes beyond a fundraising tool. On X – previously Twitter – Suarez fervently expressed:

“Cryptocurrency is the future and it’s here to stay—America’s next president must lean into this generational opportunity, not shy away.”

He even enticed donors in a promotional effort by promising a “Vote Bitcoin” t-shirt for a donation as small as $1 in BTC.

Moreover, Suarez has been consistently innovative in his fundraising strategies. His campaign previously provided $20 gift cards for donations. It even allowed supporters to win tickets to a soccer match featuring the global icon Lionel Messi.

However, the road to the White House is not solely paved with Bitcoin. Suarez still needs to overcome the Republican National Committee’s criteria, which include achieving the support of 40,000 donors spread across 20 states and polling at a minimum of 1% in select polls.

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Presidential Candidates Qualified for RNC Debate
Presidential Candidates Qualified for RNC Debate. Source: Statista

The competition is fierce, with notable figures like former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis already in the race.

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