US E-Cigarette Users Can No Longer Buy Components on Alibaba

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After numerous reports of lung diseases and even some deaths in the US being linked to e-cigarettes, the Chinese eCommerce giant, Alibaba, announced that it would no longer sell e-cigarette components to Americans.



This Wednesday, the Chinese eCommerce company Alibaba announced that it would cease deliveries of e-cigarette components to the US. The reason behind the decision, as stated by the firm, is the regulatory scrutiny, as well as numerous reports of death and disease that were supposedly connected to vaping.

Alibaba is not the only one, and just before the company had announced its decisions, other firms like Walmart, Kroger Co, and Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. did the same. Alibaba was already extremely careful when it comes to e-cigarettes, sticking to the policy that it would never sell complete e-cigarette products to Americans. Instead, it only offered components, which will now stop as well.

As mentioned, vaping has been connected to several unusual lung illnesses, which have supposedly led to at least 18 deaths so far. Meanwhile, the number of other cases involving the condition — confirmed, as well as probable — exceeds 1000 in the US alone.

Further, numerous reports of deaths, illnesses, or injuries of some sort have been connected to some makeshift brands. In other words, these are brands with no identifiable owners, and it likely has little to do with the company that has been dominating the North American e-cigarette market — Juul Labs Inc.

One of the brands believed to be among the leading causes of death and illnesses seems to be Dank Vapes, which was linked to at least 24 cases. Their brand is known for containing a psychoactive ingredient known as THC, which is extracted from marijuana.

Until now, buyers had the option to easily purchase a number of vaping gear, including box mods, herbal vapors, vape pens, empty pod cartridges, heat not burn devices, and more. Now, all major delivery firms, such as Alibaba, Amazon, and other companies are taking these components down.

What do you think about Alibaba’s new move? Are you a supporter of vaping? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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