Earlier Saturday, the Founder of the Ballet cryptocurrency wallet and board member of the Bitcoin Foundation, Bobby Lee claimed on Twitter that he spoke to famous movie star Bruce Willis.

According to Lee, Willis sat down next to him during a flight from Los Angeles to Shanghai and the two starting speaking about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency wallets, and the like.

Apparently, the alleged conversation was going quite well, as Lee goes on to say that he connected to the flight’s Wi-Fi and used his wallet application to transfer 0.01 Bitcoin to two gold-plated physical wallets. From there, Lee gave the two wallets to Willis as “early Christmas presents,” before stating that gifting the asset is “now Easy, Safe & Reliable.”

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That said, while speaking with and getting the movie star on board with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies would have been great for awareness and adoption, there are some out there who don’t believe Lee’s claim.

For example, @DrBitcoinMD, a Twitter user who studies both Bitcoin and Austrian economics, came out against Lee’s tweet saying there is “0 chance this is what actually happened.”

DrBitcoinMD goes on, stating that Lee’s “blurry photo” was taken without Willis knowing and used to “promote his scam wallet.” He does bring up a valid point as well, asking why the two didn’t get a photo taken together, as many users on Twitter do when they speak with a celebrity. Many jumped onto the bandwagon, calling out Lee for this allegedly false claim.

One user even tweeted at Willis’ wife, Emma, asking if this happened to her husband, as the movie star was on the flight with his family and they would have overheard the interaction.

The cryptocurrency space is full of fake stories and scams, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to find out that Lee is lying about this post. However, we’ll likely never know for sure unless Willis or his wife comes out to say something about it. Until then, we’re left to speculate.

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