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Top 8 Instagram Accounts for Cryptocurrency News, Memes and Trading

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We made the ultimate selection of the best cryptocurrency-related Instagram accounts out there!
The cryptocurrency industry is active on all social media platforms. Although ‘Crypto Twitter’ has been the dominant platform for a long time, Instagram pages have recently started to really take off. Instagram offers a much wider variety of content — ranging from cryptocurrency news and trading insights to memes and ‘crypto lifestyle.’ Crypto Twitter will probably still get you the best scoops, but more and more people realize that Instagram offers a very entertaining and more easy-going alternative. This is why we decided to feature the most interesting, inspiring, and entertaining Instagram pages just for you!  

Cryptobrekkie Cryptobrekkie, also known as the infamous Brekkie von Bitcoin, is an LA-based sculpture artist who creates Bitcoin-focused artwork and apparel. Brekkie offers a great example of Instagram’s added value to the community and gives a refreshing inside look at his life and his art. Brekkie entered the community by using his character to lampoon scammers and influencers in the space and progressed to making all sorts of parody videos and memes, culminating into his “Blockchain and Morty” series. His Instagram page is a delicate mix of memes, art updates, inspirational bitcoin posts, and interesting information — with an emphasis on sharing his journey for more bitcoin knowledge and adoption. Much of his art isn’t publicly viewable yet — but if you like what you’re seeing, you can always hit him up on DM.

Cryptoexplorer CryptoExplorer is the self-proclaimed fastest-growing cryptocurrency community on Instagram and this is not hard to believe when we’re looking at their tremendous work ethic. This team of two has been posting every day for two years without interruption. Over 90 percent of their content is self-made and they’re doing a very good job in reaching their goal to help people understand cryptocurrencies while staying safe and avoid losing money. The Instagram page is mainly focused on education, which they are capable of presenting elegantly through stylish infographics and statistics. You can also find some entertainment, eBooks, crypto courses, and a soon-to-be-released eLearning platform.

MrMichaelNye Although already introduced to the cryptocurrency industry in 2013, Nye has been really working on his crypto influencer career since 2017 — and we can say, without a doubt, he’s doing this very successfully. His Instagram page is a very detailed story about his life and journeys to cryptocurrency events throughout the world. It’s really cool to have an inside look at what it means to be a cryptocurrency influencer. Nye is also the founder of Titan Ventures, which focuses on building content and digital solutions to educate people about the cryptocurrency movement and the potential of blockchain technology. His intention is to create educational content to allow newcomers to understand and enter into the industry easier. His podcast, Evolvement, is dedicated to this pursuit of education.

Stocktwits Being the largest social network for investors and traders worldwide, you’ve probably heard of the Stocktwits platform before. According to their own website, they were “founded in 2008, with a mission to connect regular investors and traders with each other so they can profit, learn, and have fun” — and boy did they succeed! Over two million members have registered since. After introducing tickers for cryptocurrencies two years ago, they’ve also established themselves as one of the largest platforms for the cryptocurrency traders community. Although Stocktwits could be regarded as a pretty “serious” platform, they definitely know their way around Instagram and sure don’t shy away from posting hilarious and often quite controversial memes. Isn’t that why we’re there for in the first place?

Didi Taihuttu and the Bitcoin Family Didi Taihuttu garnered worldwide fame when he decided to sell his company, house, and everything else he possessed to go all-in on cryptocurrencies in 2017. It’s a classic example of what most people in the industry would discourage doing — but in a bold move, Didi proved them all wrong. Didi had the “luck” to take the shot early enough and he and his family have had a tremendously inspiring adventure ever since. They’ve been living on cryptocurrencies and have been homeschooling their children whilst traveling to over 30 countries and are looking to add another 50 to the list. Their goal is to educate the needy about Bitcoin and blockchain technology and share with the people they meet during their travels. Got excited about the Bitcoin Family story? Make sure to follow them to learn more about all their exciting adventures!

Korean Jew Trading Koreanjewtrading, aka Jake, is a successful cryptocurrency trader and influencer with a large following. His Instagram page is a very nice collection of technical analysis, his life and a large collection of memes. Although his Instagram page may give you the sense that this guy is always on a holiday, he actually possesses an astounding work ethic.

cryptobuzz Cryptobuzz is another very big Instagram page and offers a little bit extra from the other crypto-only pages. They offer a very refreshing combination of cryptocurrency and information security (infosec). Already being around since 2016, they’ve had the time to build a very large community on several platforms. Their goal is “to inform, educate as well as connect the global community as a reliable news provider with trusted sources, and verified content.”

Beincrypto And last (but definitely not least), we’re very proud to announce our own Instagram page. On this page, we cover the very best of our articles from the website, serving as a great addition to the pages mentioned above. BeInCrypto is the fastest-growing cryptocurrency news platform worldwide. We’re on a mission to provide some much-needed transparency and cut through the hype. Having only recently started, our team of 50 employees around the world literally works around the clock to provide you with the best content out there. If you haven’t heard from us before, make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter, because BeInCrypto is much more than just a crypto news outlet. We’ll have many more surprises in the near future. What do you think of our picks for the best cryptocurrency-related Instagram pages? Let us know in the comments below!  StormGain


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