Welcome to the second edition of BeInCrypto’s “Today in Crypto Twitter” — a daily round-up of the things you may or may not have missed in the cryptosphere.

Living Under a Rock

Kat Tenbarge, a digital culture reporter at Insider, has apparently been missing out on one particular piece of digital culture that those in the cryptocurrency community have been well aware of for a long, long time — at least in terms of the cryptosphere’s timeline.

Image courtesy of Twitter.

Tenbarge took to Twitter late yesterday to ask if anyone was “aware that Akon is attempting to dominate African currencies with his own cryptocurrency he named after himself in his own city named after himself.” Crypto Twitter’s answer, of course, was a resounding ‘duh!’

As QE Founder Mati Greenspan pointed out, Akon has “been pretty public about this” since announcing the project years ago. Akoin has been discussed in various crypto-blockchain media publications since 2018, and the famous Senegalese-American musical artist even spoke about it at the high-profile industry-specific conference in Malta in November 2019 — at which time he also provided an absolutely bangin’ afterparty performance featuring “Smack That.”

Of course, we cannot expect everyone outside of the crypto community to know about Akon’s Akoin but… yeah, Kat… we’ve been aware for years.

Few Understand This

Since posting that owning 0.01 BTC makes you “literally a millionaire” and claiming that “few understand this,” more jokes have continued to pour in over the last 24 hours from Crypto Twitter personalities against Pierre Rochard’s claim.

Cypherpunk Jameson Lopp tweeted that “if you own 10 BTC you own a billion acres. Few understand this.” Likewise, prolific Crypto Twitter trader @loomdart tweeted:

You dont own btc. You own CIA experiment 583. Few understand this.

We think it’s probably safe to assume that Rochard’s not going to be off the hook for this one until someone else says something particularly silly — which, knowing Crypto Twitter, could happen as early as… 10 minutes after this article goes live.

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