Ethereum Is Rising: Here Are Some On-Chain Metrics

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Ethereum is seeing a surge in the last two days, breaking past the $200 mark for the first time since August 20th. Here are some of the on-chain metrics and indicators pushing the leading smart contract platform upward.

Ethereum has been experiencing bullish momentum as of late primarily due to the positive indicators for the network adding up. As outlined by Spencer Noon (@spencernoon), here are some of the reasons for its most recent rise and why this is just the beginning.

5 Fundamental Reasons Why Ethereum Is Looking Stronger Than Ever

1. ETH Overtakes BTC in Transaction Fees

As of yesterday, ETH has been overtaking BTC in daily transaction fees. This indicates that demand for the network is on the rise.

2. Total Gas Usage Is at All-Time High

Gas is the fuel of the Ethereum network and is currently being used at record highs. Today, Ethereum is using the most gas ever in its history. This means that it is doing more complex operations than ever before.

3. Hash rate Has Exploded in the Past 6 Months

After a tumultuous 2018, Ethereum’s hash rate is finally recovering. It has been climbing since April of this year which indicates that miners still feel bullish on ETH despite proof-of-stake coming out by 2021. Most importantly of all, it means the network is getting more and more secure.

4. Active Addresses Are at Their 10-Month High

After a slump which bottomed out around the end of 2018, active ETH addresses are once again on the rise. We recently hit a 10-month high which means that network activity is growing.

5. More Assets Are Being Tokenized on Ethereum Than Ever Before

This past week was an important one for Ethereum. The banking giant Santander announced it had just issued and settled a $20M bond on the Ethereum blockchain recently. The startup Harbor also announced only two days ago that it had tokenized the shares of four real estate funds valued at around $100M. 

In short, real-world assets are moving to Ethereum in record numbers.

Bullish Momentum Will Likely Continue

Fundamental indicators don’t lie. The fact that active addresses are rising, gas usage is up, and decentralized finance through tokenizing real-world assets is becoming realized, means there’s a case to be made that Ethereum is in the best position it’s ever been.

It remains to be seen how Ethereum will respond as we get closer and closer to Bitcoin’s halving event in 2020. By all estimates, it seems that the leading smart contract platform is positioning itself for a stupendous ‘comeback’ in 2020.

Do you agree that Ethereum’s fundamentals are looking better than ever? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

Images are courtesy of Twitter, Shutterstock.


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