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The Future of Filecoin in Web3 Carnival Night: Exploring a New Chapter in Decentralized Technology

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Recently, the Future Of Filecoin In Web3 Carnival Night event, held at the renowned Swissôtel The Bosphorus in Istanbul, concluded successfully, leaving a profound mark on the exploration and development of Web3 and decentralized technologies.

This grand event brought together experts, developers, investors, and enthusiasts from various fields to discuss the future of distributed storage and decentralization.

The focal point of the event was an in-depth discussion on Filecoin and its Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM), technologies at the forefront of building the infrastructure for Web3 platforms. Notably, Clara Tsao from the Filecoin Foundation and Colin Evran from Protocol Labs were invited, providing unique insights and opportunities for deep interaction with the attendees.

SINSO, a leader in data caching services, has built a Web3 middleware infrastructure for the Filecoin ecosystem by achieving data governance. SINSO has been focusing on emerging technologies, especially in three fundamental areas: IPC Interstellar Consensus, IPFS-based CDN services, and the rapidly developing Layer 2 technology.

At Labweek2023 in Istanbul, Turkey, the launch of the IPC Interstellar Consensus Network signified a significant expansion in the performance and computational capabilities of the Filecoin network. The full compatibility of IPC with Filecoin and Ethereum opens new possibilities for the development of SINSO’s data DAO infrastructure. Additionally, the WASM-based FVM offers new horizons in computational scalability.

In terms of data governance, SINSO initially plans to use Validium for transactions while exploring the latest op+zk solutions to leverage the low cost of op and the verification speed of zk, designing verification schemes for SINSO.

After two years of technical accumulation and preparation, Filx (internally code-named SINSOv2) is set to launch. Based on IPC technology, Filx will construct a technological ecosystem for Filecoin Layer 2. Tasks can be completed in a subnet with low consensus costs while utilizing the security of the parent network. SINSO’s dApp cube, Donnor Network, Dataland, Dac, and others will exist on an IPC subnet, in the form of actors, implemented through several contracts, with applications based on SINSO running on the next layer subnet.

From the Istanbul conference, we witnessed the intricate layout of the Filecoin ecosystem and technology and felt the vitality of the tech community. As the world’s largest decentralized storage network and zero-knowledge proof network, the Filecoin ecosystem has become an indispensable open-source community in the Web3 world. Particularly, the maturation of the Layer 2 technology framework based on IPC technology heralds the large-scale deployment of Web3 applications in 2024.

The Future of Filecoin In Web3 Carnival Night was not just a night for discussing and celebrating the potential of FVM in the Web3 world; it was a historic moment for learning, exchanging ideas, and inspiring thought. We are thrilled with the success of the event and the enthusiastic response from the community. This gathering not only laid the foundation for future innovations in Web3, but also strengthened our commitment to driving this technological revolution.


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