The Tether Treasury has been issuing USDT in record numbers for the past few months. Much of this USDT has gone to TRON (TRX) which now has over 2.2 billion USDT on its network.

TRON’s controversial CEO, Justin Sun, recently touted the milestone on Twitter.

Tether is now the third-largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization surpassing Ripple’s XRP. Recently, BeInCrypto reported that 1,850 USDT addresses are being created every hour.

TRON has been known for being led by one of the most notorious sensationalists in the cryptocurrency space. Sun has used every opportunity from Kobe Bryant’s death to the coronavirus outbreak to boost TRON’s profile, often with mixed results.

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Now that more than two billion USDT has found a home on TRON, it seems unlikely that the controversial altcoin is going away anytime soon.