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Ternoa Announces Strategic Partnership with Toho Corporation

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Ternoa, a French blockchain platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Toho Corporation, an entertainment powerhouse famous worldwide for its acclaimed works, including the iconic Godzilla series.

The two companies will work together on Toho’s new intellectual property, “Mofu Mofu Music Caravan (MMMC).” Aiming to commence mass circulation of knowledge to audiences throughout the globe, this alliance constitutes a vital step towards global growth.

The enthralling dystopian musical fantasy “Mofu Mofu Music Caravan” follows a group of band members and followers as they join together to overthrow the Mofu World’s prohibition on free music. With its captivating characters, refined music, and pioneering web3 features, “MMMC” heralds a new age in intellectual property.

Soon a zkEVM Layer 2, Ternoa is a mainnet layer 1 blockchain infrastructure from France. With a strong worldwide community and a portfolio of about 50 active projects, Ternoa’s ecosystem is ready to back the global growth of “MMMC,” which will represent Japan’s popular IP in France.

With its innovative blend of music, characters, and technology, “MMMC” is poised to revolutionize the entertainment industry.

About Toho Corporation

The Shinjuku Toho Building and Hibiya Chanter are two of Toho Corporation’s strong real estate projects that support its film production, distribution, and exhibition operations. The company’s goal is to provide varied audiences with high-quality entertainment. Its products include animated films, software for creating and selling DVDs, and the ongoing development of TOHO Cinemas’ network of movie theaters.

Among Toho’s most prestigious works of intellectual property is the beloved “Godzilla” series, which has a devoted following all over the globe since 1954.

Toho Corporation website 

About Ternoa

As a Layer 2 solution atop Ethereum, the prominent French blockchain Ternoa is developing and offering one-of-a-kind technical solutions inside an expansive ecosystem. The dynamic ecosystem of Ternoa has more than 200,000 members and a vast portfolio of over 50 initiatives with 80 partners.

Ternoa website

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