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StakeStone Ushers In A New Era Of DeFi With Its Community-Centric Omnichain Airdrop Carnival 

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In an exciting development for the DeFi community, StakeStone, the pioneering liquidity infrastructure protocol, introduces a revolutionary approach to staking assets and liquidity distribution.

As the first in its field, StakeStone has made significant strides in the DeFi space by focusing on staking assets on risk-free underlying assets beyond the consensus layer, minting yield-bearing assets like yield-bearing ETH and STONE ETH, and redistributing liquidity across chains and protocols.

With a total minting volume surpassing 340,000, StakeStone stands at the forefront of creating an omnichain liquidity distribution network that continuously evolves by integrating application and consensus layers.

StakeStone’s unique selling proposition lies in its innovative architecture that supports multiple staking underlying assets, including ETH PoS staking and Eigenlayer restaking. Designed for scalability and compatibility with emerging staking asset types, StakeStone’s Optimizing Portfolio and Allocation Proposal (OPAP) mechanism ensures transparency and optimized yields for STONE holders.

This positions StakeStone as a leader in decentralized liquid staking solutions. Moreover, its role as an application layer liquidity marketplace addresses the growing demand for liquidity in the multi-chain era, creating a dynamic marketplace for liquidity providers and demanders.

StakeStone’s Omnichain Carnival: A Community-Centric Extravaganza

StakeStone is excited to announce the launch of their Omnichain Carnival series campaign, which includes multiple waves distributing 6.5%+ of StakeStone’s total supply as rewards for STONE use cases. 

Wave One: Lock STONE, Refer and Earn Rewards

In the first wave, participants earn rewards based on the STONE they lock, with distribution aligned to participation levels. Additionally, every participant receives an invitation code, enabling them to invite others and earn a 25% commission for each new joiner.

A minimum deposit of 0.25 ETH is required and participants will gain a 5% boost in Wave Two, accelerating their point accumulation to 105%. Early access for Omnichain Carnival Wave One began on 27 March 2024 and will last for 4 days, offering an additional 15% boost for those who activate their accounts during this period. Once deposits start, deposit STONE to participate and share 3% of StakeStone’s total supply.

Wave One Details
Campaign Period27 March – 16 June 2024*Deposits close once the total deposit reaches 200,000 STONE.
Lock-in Period2 months from the start of the Lock activity

*Users can withdraw STONE at the end of May for further ecosystem use.
Prize Pool3% of the total STONE supply

Wave Two: Stack your Rewards as you Utilize STONE across Ecosystems

In collaboration with major liquidity demand entities, the second wave incentivizes users to engage in various behaviours within public chain ecosystems using STONE. StakeStone is collaborating with over 10 chains, ecosystems, and protocols to offer more use cases for STONE and enhance the capital efficiency for both liquidity providers and demanders.

The prize pool for this wave is 2% of the total supply and the allocation amount is determined by each user’s contribution of STONE tokens, including activities like liquidity provision in our partner DEXes or bridging on public chains, as well as the duration of their participation. 

Similar to Wave One, participants are given an invitation code to invite others to join the activity, with inviters benefiting from a 25% commission reward. Moreover, users who have previously engaged in Wave One are entitled to an additional 5% bonus in points for their participation in Wave Two.

Wave Two Details
Campaign PeriodMid-April onwards
List of Protocols ParticipatingB²BNB chainBOB ChainMantaMerlinMetisModeScrollSwell ChiainTusimaZircuitzkLink… and more
Prize Pool2% of the total STONE supply

Wave Three: Get Boosted Rewards for Manta’s Renew Paradigm

In mid-March, the Manta Network launched Renew Paradigm, a comprehensive initiative allowing users to engage with over 10 DeFi protocols using STONE, lock STONE liquidity pool (LP) tokens, and share in a reward pool comprising 3% of the total supply from each protocol, in addition to receiving 3,000,000 MANTA tokens. Through the third wave, StakeStone is offering an additional incentive on top of the already existing rewards given by Manta Network.

Wave 3 Details
Campaign PeriodTBC
Campaign MechanicsBy using STONE in Renew Paradigm, users can earn M-STONE points (Manta<>StakeStone ecosystem points). Holders of M-STONE points will have the opportunity to share in this separate reward pool.

The rewards in Renew Paradigm also include 3,000,000 $MANTA and 3%+ of the total supply from eco protocols.

Learn more about M-STONE points and RNP boost here.
Prize Pool1% of the total STONE supply

Wave Four: Accumulate Loyalty Rewards and Redeem Rewards

Wave Four introduces the StakeStone loyalty points system which awards retrospective rewards to past participants, including those involved in the Manta New Paradigm, Merlin Seal, B2 Buzz, and holders of StakeStone’s G-NFT. All past participants of the stated campaigns will be allocated 0.35% of the total STONE supply while SLD holders will be allocated 0.15% of the total STONE supply.

Wave Four Details
Campaign periodSecond half of 2024
Loyalty Points MechanicsLoyalty Points will be allocated based on users’ past contributions and SLD holdings at the time of the snapshot.Eligible users can view their retrospective rewards on the event page once it’s live, with rewards represented by the number of NFTs they can claim. Claimed NFTs will have a token value assigned.NFTs will eventually be exchangeable for tokens during an airdrop.
Prize pool0.5% of the total STONE supply

Once again, StakeStone is excited to kickstart their Omnichain Carnival through a series of meticulously designed initiatives. The 4-part campaign is not just offering rewards; it seeks to cultivate a vibrant community where participation and collaboration lead to mutual growth and enhanced liquidity solutions. 

Find out more about the StakeStone Omnichain Carnival here.

About StakeStone

StakeStone is a leading liquidity infrastructure protocol that specializes in staking assets on risk-free underlying assets beyond the consensus layer, minting yield-bearing assets, and redistributing liquidity across chains and protocols. With its innovative architecture and commitment to transparency and optimized yields, StakeStone is dedicated to advancing the DeFi space by supporting the minting of assets like yield-bearing ETH and STONE ETH and establishing new standards for liquid assets.

StakeStone’s relentless pursuit of transparency and maximized yields drive the evolution of liquid assets, cultivating a dynamic, ever-growing omnichain liquidity distribution network.

For more information on StakeStone, visit: Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram

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