Square, Inc., the Bitcoin-focused payment company founded by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, has just brought the Chief Innovation Officer from the National Basketball Association (NBA), Amy Brooks, to its Board of Directors.

According to a blog post from the company, Brooks will join Dorsey and other members of the board who decide the future of Square and its services.

Changing the Face of Bitcoin

Square, as you may know, has recently been put up by Dorsey as the company to change the face of Bitcoin. The CEO views the project as the single currency of the future and seems to be willing to do anything to make that happen.

Brooks agreeing to come on board, especially after working at big mainstream companies like the NBA and helping them establish their global strategies, could mean that more executives are buying into the philosophy behind Bitcoin. That, and her experience in “building global fanbases and empowering communities,” is precisely what the cryptocurrency space needs to expand.

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The new board member went to Stanford Graduate School of Business and will be bringing that expertise over to Square.

However, it’s going to take a lot to make the conversation surrounding cryptocurrencies positive again. After all, there are still tons of naysayers and those outside the space that look down on it for various reasons.

Bringing Validity to the Space

One main reason is the current case of Facebook’s Libra and the fact that many companies have left the project in recent times, as BeInCrypto has previously reported. That and recent figures within the space like Craig Wright and Ran Neuner have made the cryptocurrency industry look a little unhinged when peeking from the outside in.

This is why people like Brooks coming into the space are so important, as they’ve had real-world experience with other established companies and can bring that over to projects like Square, who are working on expanding cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.

What do you think about Square bringing in the Chief Innovation Officer from the NBA? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Images are courtesy of Twitter, Shutterstock.