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Social Marketplace Angelo Takes Off

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It’s take-off time for Angelo, An artist centric social network with an attached marketplace for the global community: a new generation of creators, collectors, and lovers of the arts

The much-anticipated art meets social marketplace Angelo is ready to launch. Angelo is a first-of-its-kind platform uniquely designed to bring together the creators and collectors of contemporary art. To jumpstart Angelo with a bang while also enticing the Web3 community, the team has launched its first season.

Angelo aspires to shake up the art scene while showering the players in its colorful market with engaging perks that will drive them to interact:

  • The project seeks to become an intimate meeting place for the artistic community and their audience, but also to help overcome the lack of transparency and opportunities in the art market. 
  • Artists on Angelo earn exposure and grow a network of followers beyond the conventional confines of in-person networking and mainstream social media. They retain decision-making independence and complete creative freedom. 
  • Community-curated artworks take the form of collectible art tokens. These tradable tokens hold a special allure for art collectors, who can choose to buy/sell these on the Marketplace or hold onto them to avail themselves of the associated perks.
  • The art tokens bring out Angelo’s competitive side: special features are available to the most proactive members of this vibrant community. Based on their holding of art tokens, collectors get tiered access to exclusive features unique to Angelo. 

Angelo Founder Jordan Parkes commented: “Emerging artists have it rough: the biggest social media platforms are unforgiving and in-person networking is not always plausible. For too long, artists have been overlooked, and art lovers have been priced out of opportunities. What we hope to achieve is empower artists and expand the global art space beyond its conventional barriers. We believe elitism in the arts is an outdated concept that belongs in the past. The future, like art, belongs to everyone.”

The idea behind Angelo is to create a more welcoming yet unconventional immersive environment for creators and collectors, sellers and buyers. The platform celebrates art as a unifier and a universal expression of all human experience. Angelo seeks to cater to a widely diverse audience and connect artists and art enthusiasts from across the globe.

Parkes explained: “Angelo is a young platform with integrity. What sets Angelo apart from other art-oriented projects is that ours is centered around a community composed of contributors in various capacities. It is a whole universe with its own spontaneous dynamics.”

“Artists can use the platform to amplify their message and make their art more approachable, more relatable, not just as a commodity, but as an exhilarating new experience. Besides, being a part of something this big while it’s still in the making has an irresistible pull. We invite anyone who finds this playful, immersive concept intriguing to sneak a peek,” concluded Parkes.

In the month of its launch, the p.latform will share more exciting news and announcements on its website and all social media platforms.

About Angelo

Angelo is a premium platform that renders its infrastructure to a community of art creators and patrons of the arts. Artists can use Angelo as a free social networking platform that will give them a chance to connect with other creative minds, but also provide them exposure and access to a wider, global audience of art collectors.

The most prolific platform members are assigned Patron club membership. A fresh fusion of art and Web3, Angelo adds a pop of color to the art market and delivers a unique new experience. Angelo has a place for everyone, from creators in search of new ways to showcase their talent and work, art dealers in need of a niche market, art lovers looking to form personal connections with their favorite artists, to veteran and novice art collectors wanting to add an interactive component to their endeavors.


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