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Site Administrator for Silk Road Sentenced to 6 and a Half Years in Prison

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Updated by Adam James
Gary Davis, also known as ‘Libertas’ online, has been sentenced to 78 months in prison for being an administrator on the drug marketplace Silk Road. The Irish national was extradited to the United States last year.
The Silk Road is notorious in the cryptocurrency community. After all, it is the primary reason why much of the public still associates Bitcoin with illicit activities. At its peak, from 2011 to 2013, the site processed over $200M worth of goods to over 115,000 buyers. However, its main operators are being sentenced to prison after a years-long saga. Davis was arrested in 2014 and has now finally been convicted. He will serve 78 months in prison. Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman told reporters that “Davis’s arrest, extradition from Ireland, conviction, and prison sentence should send an unmistakable message: the dark web does not cast shadows long enough to protect criminals from the long arm of the law.” During his tenure as Silk Road administrator, he was given a weekly salary and had duties such as resolving disputes between drug dealers and customers. In New York, he finally pleaded guilty to narcotics conspiracy last year. Over three years ago, Davis told Ars Technica that he would fight extradition from Ireland. He argued he would face “inhumane treatment” in an American prison. It seems that his efforts were futile and, having nowhere else to run, he will now be spending the next 6 and a half years of his life in a prison cell. The platform was run by one Ross William Ulbricht, also known as Dread Pirate Roberts. The man was sentenced to life in jail back in 2015. After Silk Road shut down back in October 2013, Silk Road 2.0 came out around a month later. There, Davis was an administrator for about a month. Do you believe more individuals will be convicted in relation to Silk Road? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.