XRP continues to hang around following a surprising pump on September 18 through September 21 — but is now the right time to get involved in the (occasionally) second-ranked cryptocurrency?

Ripple — now simply named after the cryptocurrency itself, XRP — is currently trading at $0.534753, up 18.41 percent over the last 24 hours. Over the last seven days, XRP is up by an astounding 65.27 percent.

Pump It

The gains have largely been driven by one statement.

xRapid is a product from Ripple which aims to help banks increase their notoriously slow transaction times by using the company’s cryptocurrency.

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An executive at the company later stated that there is no official timeframe for the release of xRapid.

‘A Great Deal of Malleable People’

Various experts and professionals provided their opinions on XRP’s dramatic price increase to Forbes yesterday.

‘The Rise Was Terribly Overblown’

Though caution is always urged, it is worth noting that XRP continues to perform relatively well after its initial pullback. Whether or not the cryptocurrency can continue an upward trajectory, however, remains to be seen — as Ripple has been prone to large-scale pump and dumps in the past.

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