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Sentix Media Insights on Crypto: Farewell to the Hype & FOMO Era!

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Editorial Note: The following content does not reflect the views or opinions of BeInCrypto. It is provided for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as financial advice. Please conduct your own research before making any investment decisions.

Sentix is a personal AI assistant that explores trading insights by analyzing crypto media. Today, social networks and news sites are among the main driving forces impacting changes in asset prices. Many traders know that a short tweet from a KOL (key opinion leader) can move the price and instantly send it to the moon.

However, the number of crypto media is so large that even a skilled user does not always have time to track the emerging hype or distinguish obvious FOMO from a real trend.

Sentix: Your Crypto News Decoder

This is precisely the case when Sentix comes to the rescue. The AI-powered media analysis assistant can process thousands of news resources daily. This applies not only to top news sites reporting about cryptocurrencies and web-3 projects.

Sentix is free! Yet it can collect, filter, and cluster information feeds and convert them into unbiased qualitative data. Forget about false trading moves triggered by HYPE and FOMO. Now, you can see an accurate market picture and comprehend how the global media space assesses your coin so you can act accordingly.

Today, traders live in an era when the prices of crypto assets can soar and fall into oblivion for no particular cause. Instead, many apparent reasons signaling upcoming turmoils lie on the media surface.

Obvious manipulations and pressure from news resources create a dense wall of news noise, making it challenging to discern the real situation.

“Don’t fall for news manipulation, but benefit from it!”

Sentix analyzes information from numerous sources and updates it every 15 minutes. The tool’s AI algorithms can extract and categorize data from all sources, including podcasts, social networks, thematic forums, etc. This is the only way users can be sure their decisions will consider all the aspects from detailed media analysis.

The accuracy of the data obtained is also essential for unbiased exploration of information. For this reason, the AI assistant uses a list of affirmed indicators, including:

  • News Sentiment Volume (24h). The collective sentiment surrounding a specific crypto-related entity (Low, Mid, and High, as well as Positive and Negative connotations).
  • % change (24h). The shift in News Sentiment compared to the preceding 24-hour period.
  • Positive vs Negative Ratio. The balance between positive and negative sentiment in the news.
  • News Coverage Volume (24h). The total authority and trust weight of websites reporting on a crypto entity.
  • Average News Sentiment (24h). The average sentiment of a crypto asset or entity across news outlets.
  • Price Fluctuations. Changes in asset prices during the analysis period, using TradingView as the primary data source.

By blending these and other analytics features, Sentix offers precise numerical data that can be intuitively interpreted into actionable insights by both pros and beginners in trading. A simple YouTube guide on how to run it is more than enough to learn the ropes.

Why Sentix Is Essential for the 2024 Crypto Strategy

As the force of media continues to increase year after year, the need to automate the news analysis process is also becoming apparent. Sentix is an advanced analytical tool that tracks newsworthy event changes in social networks 24/7.

AI engine is an essential factor allowing the tool to detect, filter and analyze massive amounts of information almost instantly. Sentix is the first tool to discover and prove its dependence on information bursts and price changes. The functionality of the solution is ideally integrated with the standard price charts. 

Sometimes, the best entry point or closing trade on time seems like something out of this world. It is quite possible. Sentix already knows how to find such things, as demonstrated in one of the educational videos.

Forget about scrolling through information manually. Harness the full power of AI and enjoy the benefits of a highly accurate tool tailored for media analysis.

Use Sentix to benefit from:

  • Precision in Timing: It helps pinpoint the perfect moments for trading decisions, turning the chaos of market signals into clear opportunities every 15 minutes.
  • Sentiment Analysis: With a keen AI, it measures the market’s mood towards specific cryptocurrencies, providing insights into potential price movements.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Sentix tirelessly scans a broad spectrum of sources, from 9K tweets to 250K news articles daily, ensuring that no critical information slips through the cracks.
  • Historical Insights: By examining past market reactions to the news, Sentix offers a window into the potential future impacts of similar events.
  • Immediate Alerts: Stay ahead with real-time notifications about significant developments, allowing for swift action in response to market-moving news.

6 Insights For News Traders Sentix Found in 2023

It’s time to translate words into deeds. It is no secret that 2023 was filled with diverse and sometimes unexpected events that changed the crypto space and gave rise to multiple trends.

Such events did not go unnoticed by Sentix. The tool discovered dozens of data-proven dependencies, which the Sentix team of analysts converted into crucial findings that will be useful to traders:

  • Media continues to lead. News sites and social networks are becoming key sources of information.
  • News moves prices. Major news events can dramatically change a coin’s worth in 24 to 72 hours.
  • It’s not just cryptocurrency news that matters. Research of related topics, including regulatory policy and economic information, is also important.
  • Significant influence of social sentiment. Social behavior and the mindset of the global community towards specific assets is one of the central factors that should be kept in mind.
  • Reverse logic rules. A series of hype candles with positive sentiment often becomes a harbinger of an impending price collapse. This rule also works in the opposite direction. A series of irregular media candles with negative connotations may be the best entry points.
  • A few information websites are not enough. 30 news resources are the minimum number of data sources worth tracking to avoid running into the biased opinion of a journalist or media outlet.

Don’t waste time tracking every piece of news, updating the news site in search of a hype news story. This is a sure way to give in to temptation due to FOMO or HYPE. Use Sentix and stay updated with real news tension on your coin.

TOP 9 Most Price-Moving Events Uncovered in 2023

It’s crucial to understand the pivotal events that drive its volatility to grasp the dynamic nature of the crypto market. In 2023, a series of significant media events grew, each playing a critical role in shaping social behavior and market trends.

Here, we delve into the top nine events that stood at the crossroads of media coverage and cryptocurrency market fluctuations throughout the year, highlighting their importance for traders and investors alike.

From high-profile legal developments involving key industry figures to regulatory actions and financial forecasts, these moments have captured traders’ attention and profoundly impacted the market’s direction.

Just a Few Real Case Studies of Sentix in Action

The actual value of Sentix comes to light when applied to real market scenarios. Let’s explore just a few cases where Sentix proved its worth. The AI tool can uncover many more real-world things on each coin on the dashboard, and it is FREE.

2024’s Media Magic: Does Positive News Truly Spell Price Growth?

The crypto space is hyped by constant positive news about the rising price of BTC and other top altcoins. This suggests an obvious conclusion. Media influence continues to be the fuel for the growth and development of the crypto industry. 

Pay attention to the chart presented below. This is the news background that Sentix analyzed by filtering more than 2.5 million news articles and more than 2 million tweets over the year.

The chart indicates the positive activity in the blue candle series lasts more than 17 weeks. The whole point is that these are not just positive impulses. Some blue candles reach abnormal values, demonstrating peaks of hype impulses.

Sentix Media Index is another argument in favor of the fact that the crypto market is in hype euphoria. The indicator arrow is at the Highly Positive mark, close to its historical media highs.

This situation signals an abnormal rush, which further increases the asset’s price. However, such a case may indicate an approaching storm due to the end of the positive media cycle.

Using historical data, Sentix has repeatedly discovered that two to three months of continuous positive news cease to have HYPE and FOMO effects among users. Subsequently, this can lead to a sharp collapse in price, which is better to foresee in advance.

Navigating the U.S. Media Storm

Throughout the year, Binance and its CEO faced a lot of negative press in the U.S., with their BNB token also taking a hit. Despite efforts to fight this image on Twitter, the bad vibes persisted.

Key moments included U.S. regulators’ serious accusations against Binance, insider allegations in SEC lawsuits against both Binance and Coinbase and a broader crackdown signaling tough times for crypto exchanges.

Binance’s struggle is a textbook case of how tough the media can be on crypto giants. The media’s attitude toward Binance split sharply:

  • Crypto-focused media mostly showed Binance in a good light in 2023.
  • Mainstream media often pushed against Binance, amplifying negative stories.

The real value of unbiased data on top crypto-related players and coins seems clear. Sentix’s media insights reveal the impact of media coverage on Binance, helping traders spot sentiment shifts early. This knowledge can guide traders in making more nuanced decisions on BNB prices regardless of the FOMO turbulence and so-called KOLs’ advice.


Sentix is not a profit button, as you might think. However, it is an essential tool in the arsenal of a trader of any level. The speed of perception and information processing will continue to be critical.

Sentix is free and allows a trader to overpower human limitations and instantly interpret information into precise data. Forget about reading dozens of news stories and find out what the media thinks about your coin. A feature like this is priceless in the crypto space, where the speed of decision-making is the key.

Sentix is more than just a tool – it’s a tireless media analysis assistant that enables you to make decisions with precision, insight, and foresight

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