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Ring Introduces Mandatory Two-Factor Authentication for User Accounts

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After committing to address the issue of security and privacy, Ring has now announced the implementation of several new security features that will help improve its products’ offerings and hopefully restore confidence in their ability to serve customers.

New Day, New Ring

Going forward, Ring doorbells will now require two-factor authentication for all users when they sign-in to their accounts. The new security feature is set to be released later this week. Users should expect a six-digit authentication code sent to them either via SMS or Email for them to complete the login process. Ring has been in a bit of a bind recently, after multiple cases of its devices being accessed without authorization were reported. In one instance, a hacker gained access to the security system of a Mississippi family, even speaking directly to an underage girl. Video footage of the scene showed an unnamed male speaking to Alyssa, the daughter, lying to her that he was Santa Claus. He then went on to urge her to destroy the room. Another news source reported that a father in Nebraska had heard a voice speaking to his daughter via the Ring camera installed on the kitchen counter. After unplugging the camera, he called the company, but his concerns were not acknowledged. Ring

Smart Move to Win Customers Back

The straw that broke the camel’s back, however, was a report from News.BeInCrypto, where it was reported that hackers had started discussing tools for breaking into Ring doorbells on the Dark Web. One of the discussion threads, which was titled “Ring Video Doorbell Config,” showed a hacker looking to sell source code for the firm’s doorbells for just $8. The report pointed out that hackers were increasingly able to get their hands on hacking devices for Ring cameras, adding that the company needed to bolster its security infrastructure or risk losing its customers. The company has now responded, making good on a promise made by a spokesperson to Motherboard. According to the new updates, users will gain additional control over data sharing, as most of the third-party analytics services being used by its apps and website will be temporarily paused until it can find better ways for users to opt-out via their Control Center.


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