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Polkadot Decoded 2023 Brings Web3 Community to Denmark

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Fourth edition of the flagship event to bring together Web3’s biggest multichain ecosystem in the biggest annual gathering of the Polkadot community

Polkadot Decoded 2023, the fourth edition of the flagship annual event for the Polkadot ecosystem, will take place on June 28 and 29 in Copenhagen, Denmark with live online coverage, and feature the most impressive speaker list yet.

Alongside the most established figures from the burgeoning Polkadot community, including a healthy showing from the parachains, there will be senior figures from telecommunications, aviation, music, gaming, not-for-profit organizations, and government.

Some of these speakers represent companies that have already announced partnerships with ecosystem teams, while others will be revealing brand-new links to Polkadot. Key speakers include:

  • Maurizio Beni, Heathrow Airport Advisor and co-founder, Aventus Aviation
  • Micha Bitterli, Deloitte AG, Head of Managed Services
  • Jeffrey Edell, MeWe, Chairman & CEO
  • Robert Habermeier, Founder of Polkadot
  • Sander van Loosbroek, BCG Plantinion Associate Director
  • David Palmer, Vodafone Blockchain Lead
  • Dr. Joachim Schwerin, European Commission Principal Economist
  • Björn Wagner, Parity Technologies Co-Founder & CEO

Following the daytime talks on day one, a Women in Web3 networking event rounds off proceedings. Entertainment outside the venue will be provided by Web3 music platform Public Pressure, featuring tunes selected by star DJ Cristina Lazic. Thursday’s closing party, at the nationally renowned venue Culture Box, will be hosted by Beatport, a global leader in electronic music.

The event is organized by Parity Technologies, a leading contributor to the Polkadot network. Björn Wagner, CEO of Parity Technologies, said: “Since the start of the year, we’ve seen an impressive array of big names from a wide range of sectors introduced into the Polkadot ecosystem – and that’s reflected in the strongest speaker line-up we’ve ever had. As a community, Polkadot is dramatically growing with the arrival of major projects with large user bases, and Polkadot Decoded this year provides a wonderful opportunity for all of them to come together. Decoded has become a much-loved event for our community to look forward to, and we hope many will make the journey to Copenhagen.”

Tickets are free, although a €99 deposit is requested in advance which is refunded on arrival at the venue. All tickets provide access to the following:

  • All the talks, including online streams
  • The closing party hosted by Beatport
  • Free snacks & soft drinks at the venue
  • Free swag
  • A proof-of-attendance NFT

With a thriving startup scene and a culture of openness and collaboration, Copenhagen was chosen because of its strong reputation as a hub for innovation and technological advancement. There will be a considerable in-person audience at the Øksnehallen, one of Copenhagen’s most famous venues, and people across the globe will be able to tune in to watch a live stream or attend viewing parties in Europe, Latin America, China, and the USA.

The two-day event will convene builders, developers, and investors from across the Polkadot ecosystem in Denmark, bringing the community together for workshops, panels, networking, fireside, and “BarCamp”-style chats. Polkadot Decoded will showcase the breadth of the vibrant multichain ecosystem and foster the ongoing movement to build a better web, with around 100 speakers to present across four stages:

  • Main Stage – Showcasing keynote speakers, presentations of the Polkadot vision, and exciting updates & announcements.
  • Impact Stage – High-level talks on the Polkadot movement as well as the projects and teams driving progress toward achieving the full potential of Web3.
  • Tech Stage – Interactive, hands-on sessions for developers and enthusiasts to dive deep into the technology of Polkadot and its ecosystem.
  • Ecosystem Showcase Stage – Project presentations and demos, highlighting the multitude of ways Polkadot empowers Web3 builders.

Last year’s Polkadot Decoded attracted more than 12,000 attendees, both in-person and virtual, from 153 different countries. On-demand videos shared in the weeks after the event produced around 350,000 views, demonstrating the intense global interest in the news coming out of the most important event in the Polkadot calendar.

Follow @PolkadotDecoded on Twitter or visit to stay up-to-date on this year’s speaker line-up and agenda.


About Polkadot

Polkadot is a network that provides the technical advances necessary to make blockchain technology practical, accessible, scalable, interoperable and future-proof. It removes limitations and barriers to entry, and thereby fuels innovation, growing the decentralized technology space and bringing the Web3 vision to life.

About Parity Technologies

Staffed by some of the world’s leading blockchain innovators, core engineers, Rust developers, and solutions architects, Parity Technologies has offices in Berlin, London and Lisbon. It launched Polkadot in tandem with Web3 Foundation in May 2020 and continues to support and develop the network.

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