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The effects of the global pandemic have come to change the way businesses operate and how people behave. It is important to note how cryptocurrencies have come to revolutionize how people interact financially.



According to a Leftronic statistic, about $ 6 trillion in bitcoin transfers are exchanged daily. These numbers demonstrate the importance of cryptocurrency exchanges for users of the digital world. To achieve this, exchanges and wallets where people can safely carry out their transactions are necessary. 

What is a place of exchange? These places work as markets where people exchange financial assets. The main function of these exchange houses is to ensure that their users can exchange goods in a safe and orderly manner.



Bitfoliex, a platform that has come to revolutionize the market

Bitfoliex is a crypto wallet and exchange. Currently it can store, transfer and exchange cryptocurrencies in a safe, easy and fast way. It started in October 2018 and after one year in October 2019; It had over 886,000 verified users. Today it is more than a million. But what catches the attention of bitfoliex is that it is a financial tool that arises from the need to facilitate access by anyone to the crypto world. The team has witnessed the evolution of cryptocurrencies and despite its popularity, there were no user friendly tools. In the age of the latest technology in which everyone is changing their payment methods to digital, one of the best methods that stand out for its ease of use is the Bitfoliex crypto wallet. And the next step is to offer people a user-friendly exchange house.

With the growth of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the need arose to create digital exchanges for transfers of these digital assets. These exchanges work in the same way as traditional ones. They operate vertically and give their users the option to exchange cryptocurrencies in real time.

Due to the high demand that exists in the cryptocurrency market, there are several exchanges that currently exist. Therefore, it is important to know what are the characteristics of a good exchange. For this reason, the bitfoliex team has concentrated its efforts on the following aspects:

Easy to use. A good exchange usually has a friendly and easy to manage platform. In this way, any user, even if they are not experts in cryptocurrencies, will be able to observe and analyze the basic elements of the exchange and carry out transactions.

Storage. It is also important that exchanges offer their users a digital wallet where they can save the digital assets they obtain in transactions.

Variety. Another of the main advantages of an exchange is the variety of currencies they offer on their exchange platform. There are many exchanges that have only the main assets (the dollar and the Bitcoin). However, the more variety of currencies there is in the exchange, the greater the possibilities for users.

Security. Security is the most important characteristic of a digital exchange. Users need to carry out their transactions with the security that they will not be scammed by other people. It is also important that the platform guarantees the security of the person’s identity and personal data.


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