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Peti Triot Presents First Blockchain-based, Online And Offline Art Installation In Seoul

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In April 2023, Peti Triot will unveil the first blockchain-based art installation in the renowned DESIEGO art gallery located in the heart of Seoul. 

The artist plans to expand the installation throughout the entire city to get as many people as possible to participate. With the piece, Peti Triot aims to conduct a social experiment that will reveal the thoughts and opinions of Koreans whose identities will remain completely anonymous.

Who is Peti Triot?

Peti Triot is an artist active in the blockchain community who has not revealed their identity. When making their blockchain-based art installation, Peti Triot utilized the unique technology of the Qamon project.

Qamon is a messaging platform operating on the Everscale blockchain that facilitates absolutely anonymous peer-to-peer communication. The realization of the creative part of the project was entrusted to the Ongroo Inc. Korean art content agency.

Anonymous messenger 

Peti Triot’s blockchain-based art installation is a kind of anonymous messenger where individuals can leave any message without the ability for it to be traced back to them. 

Once a message is sent, it is encrypted and stored on the blockchain. All messages are broadcast in real-time for anyone to see on YouTube, and simultaneously archived on the project’s Twitter

One potential benefit of a blockchain-based art installation that operates as an anonymous messenger is that it allows individuals to communicate freely and express themselves without fear of censorship or retaliation. The use of blockchain technology provides a high level of security and anonymity, ensuring that messages cannot be traced back to their original authors.

The benefit of using Qamon

The technological foundation of the project lies in Qamon, a platform operating on the Everscale network that offers users end-to-end encrypted and absolutely confidential wallet-to-wallet communication that cannot be compromised. 

This means that the platform guarantees that messages sent between users are completely private and secure, and that the communication cannot be intercepted or accessed by any third parties.

That Qamon operates on the Everscale network means that it can handle a large volume of transactions, making it suitable for a project that could potentially have to process a high volume of messages.

Peti Triot’s blockchain-based art is currently available online and Ongroo Inc. art content agency will be putting in physical installations in multiple places in Seoul soon. These installations include the project’s centerpiece, which will be located directly in the city center in the famous DESIEGO gallery

Check out Peti Triot’s art

Check out Peti Triot’s blockchain-based art here

Messages to NFTs

This is the first blockchain-based conceptual art project Peti Triot has produced, and the first exhibition of its kind in South Korea. The messaging-based blockchain art was inspired by “News,” a work by Hans Haake, a well-known artist in the field of conceptual and installation art from the 1970s.

Did you know?

“News” by Hans Haake 

According to Ongroo Inc., Peti Triot’s blockchain art is a new and unique social experiment set to reveal the untold stories and unspoken thoughts of modern Koreans, who will be able to participate in the installation under the auspices of complete anonymity. 

What is Ongroo Inc.?

Under the banner of ‘Romanticize the world,’ Ongroo Inc. solves difficulties facing creators and focuses on establishing markets where artists can continue and optimize their work. Ongroo Inc. works to allow animators, composers, performance planners, and directors to harmonize and create various kinds of media content, and has established a system for translating ‘planning & production’ to ‘distribution & sales.’

What is Qamon?

Qamon is an email service based on the Everscale blockchain that allows everyone access to asynchronous encryption for absolutely confidential peer-to-peer communication that cannot be compromised. Qamon is one of the first tools to build a new networking experience that is anonymous, secure, stable, cheap, and fast. 


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