NFT Phone Case: A World First to Flex Your Digital Assets

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In Brief
  • You can now order a phone cover that displays your NFT
  • The platform promises that only verified NFTs will be made into phone covers
  • Now you can flex your NFT IRL
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NFT phone case: A group of art and tech enthusiasts have created the first verified NFT phone case. Now you can show off your investment and beloved digital artworks wherever you go.

CASETiFY is a global tech accessory brand. They have launched a product called ‘NFT Your Case.’ The platform uses NFT verification technology to create custom phone cases. They say that this move is “signaling their investment in the emerging ‘phygital’ space.”

CASETiFY made the first case using their own NFT. They recently purchased BAYC #3583. They paid 83.4 ETH, approximately $260K. With this purchase, CASETiFY introduced the first verified NFT phone case to the world.

NFT Phone Case

NFT Phone Case: Authentication

So how does it work? Users can verify NFTs from their Ethereum wallet to prove authentication. Then, they can print their NFTs onto the Casetify phone cases. Buyers can pay in ETH or USD to have the product printed and shipped to their door.

The company want to quell the ownership skepticism and to solve for the ‘screenshot’ dispute over digital assets. Said CASETiFY Co-founder, Wes Ng, “Proving authentication is everything to an NFT owner. Our platform eliminates those worries by decentralizing the verification process for creating phygital goods. The launch of ‘NFT Your Case’ allows the community to flex their digital artworks right in the palm of their hands while opening the door to endless creative possibilities in the metaverse.”

Each phone case comes printed with an exclusive NFT QR code. This traces the phygital product’s origin. And it includes metadata on the artwork, artist, and listing.

NFT Phone Case

The NFT phone cases are made with 65% recycled material, can withstand a drop from 10 ft, and prices start at $45 USD (0.014052 ETH). The NFT life is not a cheap life. But it does seem fun. So. I guess this is the newest thing. Until it is not a thing. Happy NFT-ing.  

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