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NFT Metaverse Avatars, Psilo, Brings Mental Health and Digital Craftsmanship

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Updated by Philani Dlamini

Psilo, a new metaverse avatar project launching next month, spotlights mental health through its mission to create a healthy community in and outside of the metaverse.

Psilo comes from the word Psilocybin, the hallucinogenic alkaloid found in mushrooms and currently being studied to help people with cancer, PTSD, addiction, depression, and anxiety.

With every Psilo NFT minted, a percentage of the proceeds goes to the non-profit Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).

Solve Maxwell, one of the creators behind Psilo explained, “Psilo is about building a community in a sometimes isolating virtual world. We want people to know they’re not taking this journey alone. Our premise is to illuminate holistic research that can help common mental health issues plaguing society. In a world that is so addictive and prescription-filled, we support researching psychedelics for healing the psyche.”

In order to drive their mission forward, Psilo partnered with a renowned 3D artist to develop their 8,888 NFTs. Gurmukh Bhasin (Top 100 Influential 3D Artists in the world by 3D Artist Magazine, and has worked with Star Citizen, Lyft, and Ferrari)spent hundreds of hours creating three species of futuristic characters.

Maxwell added, “It’s the incredibly detailed art that sets this project apart. We wanted to see characters come to life and their stories to speak out loud– and that’s what Bhasin delivered. We have our hero, who just wants to escape to enlightenment (the metaverse), but others stand in the way.”

Maxwell says they are setting out to create the next big sci-fi franchise and it would be inappropriate to aim so high without a serious mission.

Motivated by struggles he’s experienced from family and friends’ mental health, Maxwell chose to address this ongoing crisis as well as the breakthrough treatments happening within psychedelic medicines and therapies.

Psilo has an in-depth storyline with three species coming together from across the multiverse. Psilo touches on real world parallels between cryptocurrency, big banks, unstable economies, pharmaceuticals, mental health and more.

Join the movement, the community, and the potential to take your Psilo NFT to the metaverse and beyond. Discord is now open.

Find Psilo on social media:

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