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NFT Collection From Colizeum, the Largest Esports Network

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NFT today is a powerfully evolving vector of the crypto industry.

Previously only connoisseurs and blockchain gamers were interested in non-exchangeable tokens, today everyone is trying to make money from them. Relatively recently there was a case: another lucky man bought an NFT token with an image of a garbage can and paid $250 000 for it. It is also known about a Hindu who sold selfies in the form of NFTs and became a millionaire.

However, in February 2022 the sales of various NFTs declined sharply. What was the reason for that? It’s simple – people got tired of paying for nothing and now want only those NFTs that really bring value to their owner.

It is not only about works of art captured in NFTs, but also about those tokens which have practical applications. Today, such giants as McDonald’s, Gucсi, and Hermitage have already settled on the NFT market. Very soon there will be a collection of NFTs available for purchase that carry practical applications for their holders.

On February 22, 2022 the world’s largest network of eSports clubs and arenas COLIZEUM will present an exclusive NFT collection to the crypto-community. Unlike McDonald’s, COLIZEUM’s NFT will have a practical application, which directly hints at the success of this collection.

What does NFT holder from COLIZEUM get? 

  1. Access to the VIP club, where members get many financial and status advantages;
  2. Gives the right for 20% cashback on all payments made by the client in any of 206 COLIZEUM clubs.

The NFT market is overcrowded right now, selling dubious tokens with imaginary value. Against this background, COLIZEUM presents a product that actually provides its holders with certain financial and non-financial benefits.

Every COLIZEUM customer, of which there are around one million, will want NFT data. However, a total of 8 500 exclusive NFTs will be produced. It turns out that for every NFT from COLIZEUM there are 117 clients.

Considering that the client base of the eSports network is growing every day, so the competition for access to the VIP club becomes even more intense.

This is where Alexei Lokontsev, a well-known entrepreneur and founder of the large chains Topgun and COLIZEUM, talks about the release of NFT.

On February 25, 2022, COLIZEUM’s NFT will go on sale on the OpenSea marketplace. And on February 17, 2022, a presale collection site will be launched, where anyone can purchase NFTs from COLIZEUM before they are placed on OpenSea. The token presale itself will begin on February 22.

COLIZEUM’s NFT will be available for purchase here.

The official partner of the placement is the “Crypto Chief” telegram channel.

Information about the exclusive NFT collection on the official COLIZEUM website.


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