MyCryptoParadise Crypto Signals: How Accurate Are They?

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This unbiased review attempts to decode all those factors contributing to the rise of MyCryptoParadise (MCP) as a popular go-to destination for premium crypto trading signals.



Choosing the best crypto trading signal group on Telegram is no longer an easy endeavor in 2021. The platform is literally teeming with hundreds of these crypto groups. Some provide paid crypto signals, some are free, but each claim to be led by superstar traders. 

In fact, the task is even tougher now that we’re in a bull market. After all, making profits in a bull market usually tends to be somewhat easy – relatively speaking. This is why if you’re looking to join a paid crypto signal group, it makes good sense to stick only to the groups with a proven track record. Especially those that also offer active free channels with free crypto analysis and updates. 



And this is where a Telegram group like MyCryptoParadise grabs your attention with its original approach to delivering premium crypto trading signals and daily insights of the market so you can learn at the same time.

MyCryptoParadise: An Overview

Why do so many people say that MyCryptoParadise is among the best crypto signals providers in 2021? From the looks of it, this is mainly due to the professional approach of the traders who founded MCP. is led by four full-time traders. Simon, Robin, Nathan, and Jack. They are based in the Czech Republic, although the group itself stays active 24×7 for its global user base. 

The four in-house traders work in shifts, which means at least one of them is available round the clock to address your queries or concerns. And of course, they keep monitoring the market from the up-close so you don’t have to. Each of the MCP traders comes with 7+years of experience in professional trading, including 5+ years in the crypto market.

The team behind MyCryptoParadise primarily focuses on  Binance and Bitmex signals. As we already said, you can join these groups for free before subscribing the paid plans. In fact, these free crypto telegram channels can be a good place to start as it brings you a glimpse into what’s on offer in the paid group and how professional the company is. 

Quality and Frequency of Signals

Each day, MyCryptoParadise traders share around three of their personal crypto trade set-ups inside the ParadiseFamilyVIP group. To their credit, the team seems to prioritize quality above quantity. More importantly, this approach lets them focus on being consistent rather than increasing their capital quickly by taking risky trades.

The ParadiseTeam claims to open a new position only after carrying out “deep analysis with a unique combination of analytics.”

The signals are generally of good quality with an accuracy of 70-95% based on the results from the past months. The accuracy is even higher during bull markets when conditions are favorable. To add to the trust factor and maintain full transparency, MyCryptoParadise publishes monthly performance records of its VIP groups.

The team also posts regular news, updates, and important fundamental analyses to help members gain a better insight into prevailing market conditions.

Learn One-on-One From MCP Experts

Ease of use is another big advantage of MyCryptoParadise as compared to most of its rivals. Once you become a ParadiseFamilyVIP member, one of MyCryptoParadise’s in-house traders will personally give you a welcome call. They will explain the various aspects of the strategies they use for their own trading.

Your new personal expert who gave you the introductory call will stay with you through the whole period of your membership plan. They promise to be ever ready to answer any trading-related questions you may have while ensuring the optimal customer support experience round the clock. Your crypto expert will share their expertise and experience regarding the intrinsic details of planning and executing a profitable trading strategy.

They will also teach you the nitty-gritty of technical and fundamental analyses. Additionally, you will also benefit from their deep insights into how to preserve emotional stability and maintain a practical mindset during the opening and closing of positions. Overall, it can be a good learning curve if you plan to stay in the crypto trading game over the long haul.

Final Thoughts

MyCryptoParadise appears to offer a balanced package if you are looking for a premium crypto trading signal group with high accuracy and well-managed portfolios. For that reason, they are mostly suitable for serious investors who are willing to learn and experience the different kind of trading than BUY, HODL and wish for the best.

If you are interested in evaluating their track record so far, a good place to start would be the monthly performance result sheets of MCP’s Binance signals and Bitmex/Bybit signals

The best part is that they do not trade like gamblers. Instead, they seem to take a very clinical approach to trading and execute their daily operations like a proper business. Of course, you should always do your own due diligence first. So we recommend you to first join their free telegram groups before becoming VIP members. 

If you are trading on Binance click here to get started. And if you are trading on Bitmex/Bybit or you are interested only in BTC and ETH low leverage trading, this is a good place to start.


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