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MultiversX Unveils xPortal Features, Announces Major Advancements at xDay Conference 2023

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In Brief

  • MultiversX launched xPortal, a SuperApp, at xDay 2023 in Bucharest, boasting 1.5 million active users and varied digital features.
  • The firm revealed technical upgrades to boost its blockchain network's performance, aiming for over 100,000 transactions per second.
  • The event spotlighted PI Squared by Runtime Verification, enhancing blockchain security, making MultiversX attractive for high-value deployments.
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The xDay Conference 2023, organized by technology leader MultiversX in Bucharest, unveiled its cutting-edge new xPortal features. The xPortal, described as a SuperApp, transcends being merely a secure decentralized digital wallet. It integrates social interactions, a news platform, access to the metaverse, NFTs, and gamification, crafting a multifaceted digital journey for its users.

Moreover, MultiversX, previously known as Elrond, revealed a suite of technical upgrades aimed at elevating the capabilities of its blockchain.

The new protocol amendments are tailored to enhance the MultiversX network’s throughput, pushing it to lead with more than 100,000 TPS and 1” latency.

MultiversX CEO’s Vision: Bridging Today with Tomorrow

The conference opened with a keynote speech by MultiversX CEO Beniamin Mincu, emphasizing technology’s role in shaping our future. He encouraged building solutions to current challenges, using examples like electricity and the internet to show technology’s impact.

Mincu highlighted the transition from being mere consumers to creators, courtesy of technological advancements.

He spoke about the importance of embracing upcoming technologies. Highlighting spatial computing, AI, and blockchain, Mincu shared a vision of a future where digital assistants are common.

He urged the audience to seize these technologies’ opportunities to participate in societal progress.

Following the keynote, MultiversX shared its roadmap for boosting its blockchain capabilities. The new features include an on-chain 2FA mechanism and a more user-friendly transaction model. These upgrades are set to bring a more traditional web experience to the blockchain, making it more accessible.

MultiversX’s Head of Product, Sergiu Biris, further detailed xPortal’s features. He unveiled tools for managing finances, debit cards, and a native in-app crypto purchase solution.

Additionally, he announced the integration of peer-to-peer fiat payments and European IBANs, SEPA, and SWIFT by early 2024. Biris also introduced xGenie, an AI-powered assistant, to ensure a user-friendly xPortal experience, showcasing MultiversX’s commitment to blending technology with daily life.

Biris added:

“The features launched today, most notably the debit cards, were a long time in the making.
Today’s launch elevates xPortal from a crypto wallet to a financial super app. We thus created a
bridge to an interconnected future where the lines between crypto, fiat, and emerging
technologies like AI dissolve, bringing an unparalleled user experience”,

Presentation xDay
xPortal presentation | Source: MutiversX

Runtime Verification Unveils PI Squared: Elevating Blockchain Security and Versatility

On the third day of the xDay conference, Illinois-based firm Runtime Verification unveiled PI Squared, a universal ZK Rollup rooted in the MultiversX blockchain.

This innovation is designed to convert computational claims verification into mathematical proof verification, employing a universal proof checker.

In a realm where blockchain’s exponential growth has paralleled a rise in security breaches, PI Squared emerges as a beacon of enhanced security standards.

By offering a platform that is indifferent to programming language or VM, it facilitates devs, users, and enterprises in effortlessly, trustlessly, and programmatically verifying correctness proofs.

This endeavor not only amplifies the security apparatus of the MultiversX blockchain but also positions it as an attractive prospect for startups and companies eyeing a secure platform for high-value deployments.

Through PI Squared, MultiversX and Runtime Verification are striving to foster a safer and more reliable blockchain ecosystem.

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