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Moon — Lunar Metaverse Launches Revenue Generating NFT Land Sale

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Updated by Imogen Searra
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Moon is a brand new economic, and social metaverse inspired by lunar exploration. Players have the opportunity to acquire NFT land plots, develop a new world, drive its economy and uncover the mysteries of the Moon’s dark side. 

The limited collection at the best possible value of 1000 land plots launches today.

Launching today the first 1,000 NFT lands offer the best deal possible for early adopters. Get a head start by joining Moon Metaverse during its private sale period. You’ll gain access to land containing extremely rare and valuable resources. 

Moon’s lunar surface is represented by 126,000 virtual HEX land plots, with each representation by an NFT. Players will have the opportunity to surpass the Moon landings of the late 60s and early 70s. This will be done by controlling, developing, and expanding their HEXs into fully-functioning communities within the first lunar colony.

Why buy Moon’s Lunar Land?

Each Hex grants its owner the opportunity to participate in Moon’s player-driven economy. The value of a HEX can be increased by developing territory that is viable as an economic, political, and militaristic ‘Moon country’.

NFT land passively generates the game’s tokens for the players controlling it. Through smart strategic gameplay and decision making, a player’s HEX could become home to dozens of businesses and hundreds of other players who are working and paying taxes as part of these larger countries.

Each transaction on a HEX generates revenue for its landlord. 

Users can earn Moon tokens from a range of in-game activities. Users can hold the tokens for long-term appreciation, sold on crypto exchanges, or simply fed back into the game to continue Hex development.

As Moon’s player-driven ecosystem expands, so will greater demand for its finite plots of land, in-game resources, and tools. This will support the long-term value of the token.

Moon’s lunar NFT Hexs will be a fantastic investment, opening up seemingly limitless possibilities for their owners to start earning revenue. Don’t miss this chance to be one of the first to join the Moon Metaverse.

Find Moon Metaverse on social media: Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium | Website

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