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‘Metaverse NFTs Are One of the Most Beautiful Fruits of the Blockchain,’ Says Jean Feier

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In Brief

  • BeinCrypto spoke to Jean Feier, co-founder of the MetaGameHub (MGH).
  • For Feier, NFTs in different metaverse are an opportunity for accessibility.
  • "This new technology is important - get informed," says Feier.
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BeinCrypto spoke to Jean Feier, co-founder of the MetaGameHub (MGH), about the DAO, NFTs metaverse, and fair investment.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are extremely well-known, especially in the crypto community. However, the next stage in this tokenized universe is only just becoming a much-talked-about subject. This next step is the metaverse.

For Feier, NFTs in different metaverse are an opportunity for accessibility and diversity in this growing and future space.

MetaGameHub is all about this kind of diversification. Its basis is a shared community based around an NFT Pool Token. MGH DAO members can access this token.

Its value is rebalanced periodically based on the value of each asset in the pool relative to the token pool.

Through this pool, MGH and Feier aim to give members access to investments in the metaverse, such as virtual real estate, through NFTs.

Turning dust into gold

For Feier, finding her way into blockchain technology was about opening a world of possibilities without middlemen, it’s about agency.

“I am an immigrant child and have watched my mother turn dust into gold and gold into inheritance for me and my little brother on multiple continents. I know how hard she struggled. There was so much resistance with every step forward. She had to overcome obstacles and deal with various authorities. The way they spoke to her was like her very existence required a great deal of tolerance. No matter where you turned, there was always a ‘middleman'” she explains.

“Being at the mercy of people’s goodness doesn’t always work. It was always clear to me that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, living independently and creatively. I wanted more strength to explore new heights. How much energy is wasted keeping outdated systems alive and soul-destroying ideologies alive?”

When she found out about blockchain technology, Feier says she was excited about the possibilities this technology could bring.

“The transparency and automation were the highlights for me. If we have the knowledge, then we also have the power. And when we have the power, there is nothing that will stop us, is there? Blockchain is the key to a new stronger world.”

The metaverse as a step into the future

In her work as part of MGH, Feier is looking into NFTs not only as siloed tokens but their role as part of the larger metaverse.

“Now on my first project, the reason I was really excited about it is that I see the metaverse as another level, another step into the future. Virtual real estate mirrors “real” real estate,” she explains.

However, as it is a step into the future, it is also not a new concept.

“You can curate a life and everything related to it. Virtual spaces are not new concepts. You’ve been here in the form of television, video games, and social media,” she says.

“Actively engaging with one’s mind without having an actual physical presence goes further back than being bewitched by television programs. The ability to imagine another world through words in books, poetry, and music brought us here.”

However, the difference with the metaverse is that it provides the real estate to connect upon in the virtual world.

“Different platforms are immensely successful because people want to connect even when they are not standing next to each other. The metaverse gives them the virtual property to do this,” she explains.

“It will also change the way people shop. The culture change is being missed and lost by many big players, just as companies lost their place when e-commerce started to take over and failed to develop an e-commerce strategy,” she says.

“The value generated by the metaverse must be made available to anyone willing to be part of Web 3.0. These are the kinds of opportunities to make it more possible for people like my mother, like me.”

Participation shouldn’t require a large investment

However, for Feier access and participation for people is a key element that she deals with.

“Accessibility is a big issue for us. We work with people who find their way into this new world. Because it’s a new world and it’s emerging quickly.”

Although the metaverse is a virtual reflection that simulates normal real estate, for Feier, this doesn’t mean it should also reflect some of the real-world barriers.

“Participation shouldn’t require a large investment, especially with all the technology we have access to. I think the questions should always be: How do we ensure that more people have access to the value of this very strong industry? How do we make sure that people are better protected? And how do we not leave the experts out?”

This is where MGH DAO comes in. According to Feier, the MGH ecosystem enables the unified management of the NFT pool. This, in turn, allows different people to work together.

“I want a future where everyone knows about blockchain as much as they do about credit cards or debit cards and online shopping. That should be our goal. There are already families who finance themselves through their involvement in the metaverse area,” she explains.

“It’s not just about art NFTs. We have to think bigger. Metaverse NFTs are one of the most beautiful fruits of the blockchain. This can change the reality for so many people.”

The NFT metaverse is about building community

For Feier, those wanting to participate and those already participating in this space need to see the benefit of the communities they are building.

“The industry is growing, and we want both OGs and newcomers to change the way they participate in this increase in value. It is important to build a community around projects for the world. We want real people to understand and get involved,” she says.

“This new technology is important – get informed. It is these small steps that will help you understand the potential of our future. Time travel has never been so easy.”

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