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LYOPAY CEO Luiz Góes – On the Cover of IB Magazine

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Luiz Góes, the CEO of LYOPAY, one of the most successful projects in the cryptocurrency field, was chosen for the cover of the last issue of IB Magazine.

IB Magazine wrote an article about the LYOPAY project, describing its importance in the fintech and cryptocurrency industry. The article talks about the company’s strengths and success and also about the CEO of LYOPAY, Luiz Góes, a crucial figure of the project, admired by the LYOPAY community.

LYOPAY listed on IB Magazine

The cover for the last number of International Business Magazine is the CEO of LYOPAY, Luiz Góes. The magazine also dedicated an article to LYOPAY, a brand of DIGILYO APP LTD, based in London, UK. The company offers regulated and licensed crypto exchange products and other cryptocurrency tools.

IB Magazine is a digital magazine for international business professionals. It provides up-to-date news, interviews, and analysis of the latest global business trends.

The article about LYOPAY and Góes describes the mechanism behind one of the best cryptocurrency projects lately and the company’s powerful solutions.

Furthermore, they pay attention to the relationship between the Company’s CEO, Luiz Góes, and its community. They emphasize the qualities a good leader should have and how Góes built a successful business using his studies, knowledge, and ambition.

Luiz Góes declared in the article about the project he runs: “I see a world where crypto is everyone’s medium of exchange. LYOPAY will take us to that bright future.”

Luiz Góes is a business executive specializing in process management, leadership, and business implementation.

He has worked in fintech management and has promoted several digital business consultancies. In 2018, Luiz became a financial advisor for a fintech group in Dubai. In 2020, he founded LGbank, a cryptocurrency escrow platform.

He developed and designed business tokenization projects emphasizing project implementation and profit-sharing based on crowdfunding models.

Góes also leads a group with 8,000 clients participating in business under his recommendation in Brazil. He has provided consultancy for altcoins and other token projects.


LYOPAY is a brand of DIGILYO APP LTD, based in London, UK. There are other registered entities, as it is a project that operates on a global scale to comply with each country’s regulations.

The LYOPAY vision is a world in which cryptocurrencies are used as our primary money. Today, to make purchases or transactions, especially for businesses, conversion into fiat currency is needed, making us reliant on traditional money. By removing this step, we can use cryptocurrencies in our daily lives, both people and companies.

The project’s mission is to create tools to use cryptocurrencies day by day. Products and services can be bought in crypto to make the most of the users’ wallets. Services will allow businesses to accept crypto payments and pay their expenses with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins.

Moreover, LYOPAY offers regulated and licensed crypto exchange products, focusing on their clients’ safety and aiming to create a company to serve even future generations. A long-term reality is to satisfy people’s needs, and how their slogan says “Powering People.”

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