• A hacker claims to have acquired the databases for Ledger, Trezor and others through a Shopify exploit.
  • However, Ledger has found that the so-called 'hacked' database does not match the one they actually have.
  • The matter is still under investigation.

One Ethereum forum hacker is claiming to have the databases for Trezor and Ledger plus other precious information. The databases are said to be obtained through a Shopify exploit. The hacker also claims to have the full SQL database for BankToTheFuture. They’re currently up for sale, but it may all be a ruse.

The story was first reported by Under the Breach (@underthebreach), a data breach monitoring service.

It’s currently unclear how old these breaches are, but it may turn out to be a publicity stunt. According a follow-up on the matter by Ledger, the hard wallet provider claims the allegedly hacked database “so far doesn’t match our real [database].” It is possible the hacker is lying entirely.

Ledger will be continuing its investigations on the matter to confirm.

Trezor tweeted the following:

Source: Twitter
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We are discussing it in our Telegram Channel


We are discussing it in our Telegram Channel