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Where Can I Get Quality Cryptocurrency Information?

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Cryptocurrency can be an exceedingly complex topic to learn about and stay up to date on. Not only is the technology somewhat complicated by nature, it is also deeply tied into the worlds of computer coding, internet protocols and economic forces, just to name a few. On top of this, progress is being made across a wide variety of topics every day. Given all this, how is someone supposed to learn the best information available, while weeding out scams and lies? BeInCrypto has created a handy little guide for some of the more reliable sources for cryptocurrency information as well as news, so let’s have a look.

The Fundamentals

Even just understanding some basic facets of cryptocurrency can be a daunting task for new users. There is A LOT to learn, and it can be overwhelming. However, if you’re patient and diligent, there are some great resources available.

Websites and Whitepapers

One perfect place to start is the main websites of the biggest projects around. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and any reputable project should have a primary website. This site will generally have much of the information you’re looking for, especially in the Whitepaper. A Whitepaper is a document that outlines the goals and means of a project. Some are more technical than others, but a good one should cover most major questions about what a project offers and how it will achieve it. If it doesn’t, that could be a red flag. Most honest projects are pretty transparent with all of their information, so always be wary of vague claims.


Even if the official information sounds solid, it can be invaluable to find out what the community is saying. Often there will be an official forum, usually linked in the website, or a Reddit community that will act as the central hub for discussion around a certain product. These places can be good mediums for both official info from the developers as well as getting a read on the feel of the community. Be warned though, trolls and scammers can be common in these places, so take everything you hear with a grain of salt and try to back up any major claims with additional research.

Articles and Reviews

Often major cryptocurrency news outlets will run reviews and updates on major projects in the space. These can be a good place to get a lot of questions answered, as that should be the main focus of these explorations. That being said, sometimes advertisements can be disguised as information pieces, so try and pay attention to where the information is coming from and the source’s track record. However if the reporting is sound, then a single well researched article can open up all the resources you need to understand a coin or token.


News Sites

Perhaps this one is obvious, but there are several respectable online publications already dedicated to serving up the latest news in cryptocurrency. If you find one that is fast and reliable, it can be a great asset for staying up to date on the latest events. That being said, major news desks will always have a bit of a turn-around delay on breaking stories, as it takes some time to write and publish. That’s where real-time chat comes in.

Chat groups

Telegram, Discord and other modern chat solutions are often great places to learn the latest on what is happening in a certain community. Often there are even chat rooms for specific products where developers will release the newest information, so being involved in them can be worthwhile. It should be easy enough to find these communities with either a Google search or by checking the official forums, as previously mentioned.


While larger and often more volatile than official chats, the cryptocurrency Twitter scene often spreads breaking news the fastest. By following a wide variety of official and reputable accounts, and using a platform like Tweetdeck, it is easy to have a quick overview of what is being talked about the most in this space. Much like with forums one must watch for nefarious information, but with a bit of practice it isn’t too hard to spot scammers and their like.

Market Information

One other type of data that cryptocurrency enthusiasts are usually looking for is price action. For this, there is no shortage of options. Most major news sites have tickers for at least the most popular coins, and individual project websites often embed their own up-to-the-minute prices somewhere on the main page. For more versatile approaches, there are some common options.


Most stock quote terminals also support cryptocurrency prices, so popular ones like Tradingview are often used. This makes switching between digital assets and even traditional ones a breeze. Websites like serve the same basic purpose, but are focused only on cryptocurrency.


Virtually any cryptocurrency exchange you can find should have live market data and charts integrated into their platform. If they don’t, go find a different exchange. Admittedly, the quality of the interface can vary, but you should be able to find the latest information for that specific platform. However since prices and volume can vary a bit from place to place, it is sometimes better to get a broader view of what is going on.

Market Cap Lists

There are multiple sources that compare all the major cryptocurrency market capitalization data in near real-time. One of the most popular is CoinMarketCap, but there are many others. These sites aggregate market information from multiple exchanges to give a pretty decent average of what a coin’s current market looks like, and the better sites should offer complete breakdowns of prices and volume by exchange, which should give a pretty good idea of where a project’s real action is.


There is no perfect source for all cryptocurrency information, but there are countless options out there for different types of information. By paying attention, a user should be able to get a feel for the sources they find are the most reputable and reliable.  There’s so much to know, nobody can stay on top of everything, but with the help of this guide, anybody should be able to find good information on the aspects of cryptocurrency they find the most compelling.
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