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5 Need-To-Know Crypto Advertising Tips

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Marketing a crypto project is no easy feat. Numerous restrictions exist. These crypto advertising tips can help to save time, money, and other precious resources. But, there is a lot of red tape when it comes to advertising and marketing within the crypto industry.

Similarly, crypto marketers have to follow very strict rules and regulations implemented by Big Tech companies like Google and Facebook. These regulations and rules are important in protecting novice investors from financial loss. 

However, legitimate projects and protocols that want to digitally advertise their products and services need to be aware of advertising restrictions or risk damaging a project’s reputation indefinitely.

Important considerations for advertising a crypto project

Creating a Crypto Marketing Strategy

Unlike traditional advertising and marketing, promoting a crypto project is very tricky. To clarify, social media companies and search engines each have specific rules, guidelines, conditions, and restrictions when it comes to financial marketing. 

Crypto projects are naturally very volatile. Ultimately, this creates an opportunity for scammers to take advantage of unsuspecting investors. 

Scam projects are not hard to come by and this is what makes research and due diligence so important. This, among other reasons, is why Big Tech firms have created such strict regulations around crypto advertising. 

Consequently, for a project to be taken seriously and for it to succeed, many other factors need to be considered.

These are: 

  • Write a litepaper or whitepaper
  • Create a website that is not buggy, has a clear and clean copy, and contains plenty of information about the project 
  • Have a structured marketing strategy 
  • Organically build an interactive community on platforms like Discord, Telegram, and Twitter
  • Advertise the project through a crypto news agency like BeInCrypto
  • Platform rules and requirements are aligned with in-house advertising

For advertising tips marketing your crypto project, contact us here.

5 need-to-know crypto advertising tips

1. Advertising on social media is not easy


Advertising a crypto project on social media is a cost-effective for crypto branding and web3 lead generation. However, there is a lot of red tape that needs to be adhered to

In terms of crypto advertising, social media platforms each have their own rules and regulations.

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook had a very strict ban on cryptocurrency advertising a few years ago. Now, Meta, the parent company of the social media giant, has eligibility requirements that are strict but allow for some wiggle room. 

To promote a crypto ad, crypto advertisers must confirm their eligibility. A breakdown of the rules are:

  1. Projects need to identify whether they meet the eligibility requirements. This list can be found here. 
  2. Included in this list are several licenses from countries with strong regulations for cryptocurrencies. 

Those projects that do meet the eligibility criteria can then fill in an application form to apply for permission. For more information on Meta’s policy, visit the website here.


Unlike Facebook, TikTok allowed crypto ads before banning them.

In 2021, the streaming giant updated its Brand Content Policy which forbids cryptocurrencies, trading platforms, and anything that resembles a “get rich quick” scheme, among others from advertising.


Similarly, Twitter has a strict financial services policy in place that is contextual to different regions. The platform explains,

“The advertising of financial products and services is restricted and subject to certain globally applicable rules,”

However, the following products are forbidden from being advertised anywhere in the world:

  • Payday loans, cash loans, and P2P*
  • Cryptocurrency Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), Initial Decentralized exchange Offering (IDExO)
  • Decentralized crypto borrowing/lending, DeFi insurance, DApps, DEXs
  • Cryptocurrency mining
  • Binary options
  • Bail bonds

*Indonesia permits P2P lending.

For more information on the country-specific rules and guidelines, visit the website here. 

2. Google allows certain crypto projects advertisements

Google Crypto Dapper Labs

Meanwhile, Google Ads has adjusted its financial products and services policy. This means that certain crypto projects, in certain locations, can utilize Google Ads.

However, as usually with crypto advertising, the terms and conditions are pretty airtight.

Currently, the policy has been adjusted to allow cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets to advertise in specific geographic locations. But, within each location, there are specific requirements that need to be fulfilled. 

In other words, the search engine allows crypto ads “in limited circumstances.”

The geographic locations where cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets can use Google Ads are:

  1. France (cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets)
  2. Germany (cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets)
  3. Philippines (cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets)
  4. South Korea (cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets)
  5. United Arab Emirates (cryptocurrency exchanges)
  6. Hong Kong (cryptocurrency exchanges) 
  7. Thailand (cryptocurrency exchanges)

3. Crypto projects that can’t advertise on Google

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Subsequently, Google’s policy has a non-exhaustive list of crypto projects, products, and services that are banned from advertising. 

Some of these include:

  1. Initial coin offerings (ICO)
  2. DeFi trading protocols 
  3. Crypto trading signals
  4. Crypto investment advice 

While this may present a stumbling block to projects looking for digital advertising. You can employ techniques, such as crypto link building, to gain visibility.

4. Advertising through a crypto media agency saves resources

top 5 defi

Above all, crypto projects should allocate a portion of their budget to advertising with a crypto news agency. 

With an established audience and a consistent monthly readership, a crypto news agency will help project owners to save time and costs on marketing and advertising

BeInCrypto is a leader in the crypto media and news industry. With over 10 million monthly page views. 

Advertising with BeInCrypto will help achieve:

  • A project’s marketing and advertising objectives
  • Align the project with an industry leader
  • Generate brand awareness in the global crypto community. 

5. Create a set of advertising goals

Blockchain Social Technology

Firstly, a mix of traditional and nontraditional marketing tools should be considered when advertising a crypto project.  While there are billboards around the globe of different projects, digital marketing is arguably the most important marketing tool for crypto projects.

Secondly, having a set list of advertising goals is very important to ensure long-term success.

Finally, without a proper marketing and advertising plan, project managers could run the risk of losing huge amounts of money. 

Ending off

In conclusion, there are many ways to advertise a crypto project. What is most important to note is that crypto advertising is heavily regulated by Big Tech firms. Meta, Twitter, and Google all have different rules and requirements when it comes to advertising a crypto project. TikTok, however, has completely banned these ads. 

When it comes to advertising and marketing a crypto project, it is important to have a set plan and to seek out paid-for content that aligns the project with a trusted media outlet. 

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