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Aurory Guide: What To Know About the P2E Blockchain Game

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Move over, web2 gaming, because blockchain gaming is here to stay. Game developers are leveraging blockchain technology to build the games of the future, which comes with some remarkable new dimensions. Clearly, earning money while playing is one of the greatest advantages of GameFi. This Aurory guide will enter the world of Antik and Tokané, and delve into the mechanics behind the Japanese web3 game and its native token, AURY.

Aurory sets the bar high for play-to-earn games. It takes players on a magical adventure across 3D virtual worlds featuring brightly colored indigenous creatures. The goal is to hunt, battle, and strategize all while earning rewards and riches to enhance your gameplay. Let’s take a closer look.

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What is Aurory?

Aurory Guide: What is Aurory?

Aurory is a Japanese fantasy-action play-to-earn (P2E) and RPG built on the Solana blockchain. This free-to-play game takes place in the futuristic worlds of Antik and Tokané and features both PvE and PvP gameplay modes which are available only on desktop.

In contrast to other P2E games, Aurory focuses on educating its users about DeFi and blockchain, allowing players to learn while playing PvE mode. Game creatures called Nefties journey through a diverse universe. Players must complete quests, defeat monstrous enemies, and discover lost relics, all while earning. In line with its decentralized nature, in-game assets are tradeable as NFT collectibles in the marketplace, which can be earned while playing.

Aurory guide: Gameplay 

Getting started

First, visit the Aurory games and DApps page. Select “Play Tactics” (the “Adventure” mode isn’t yet available). The game follows the adventures of two Heroes — Sam and Helios — whom the players use to capture Nefty creatures. Sam is human and stronger than Helios, so he is able to wield weapons and tools. Helios, however, is magical, clever, and agile.

Players can experience in two modes: 

  • Player vs. Environment – This is a single-player mode where players receive their first Nefty and Guardian for free. Here users can play as both Sam and Helios. This mode allows players to familiarize themselves with the game mechanics.
  • Player vs. Player – This is a multiplayer mode where players compete with other teams of Nefties after creating their own. Ranked tournaments, battles, and duels are some of the featured elements of PvP mode. 


The game’s objective is to wander the universe in search of Nefties. Players must assemble the best possible Nefty team through strategic gameplay. The goal is to knock out your opponent’s three Nefties before they defeat yours. Nefties possess unique skill sets and qualities. Players can harch their Nefties through an egg incubator. They can be purchased via the in-game marketplace. Nefties can be used for battles and various assignments, including damage, defense, sabotage, manipulation, and support. Crucially, Nefties are also NFTs. So, players can trade them in the marketplace, Serum DEX.


Antik is the original world of the Aurory universe. It’s where Nefties came from. Here, an elite few control the wealth and power. The Antik world is under the control of the Barons, who led the society into financial ruin. Over time, the story goes, the place has become violent, and the creatures cannot leave. Antik is the home of Sam, the hero.


Tokané is another magical world. Players can access Tokané through a secret portal created by a mysterious benefactor living in Antik. This new world flourishes with the beautiful and colorful Nefties, the native inhabitants. And contrary to Antik, the wealth in Tokané is distributed without a central ruling entity. Many inhabitants of Antik have fled their masters to live here. In addition, Tokané is the place where Helios was born.


The battlefield consists of camps made of squares and cells. Some cells may be missing, which serve as obstacles for Nefties to fly or jump over. Moreover, these areas are divided into special grid cells. These affect the Nefties when they are either moved or stood on. These cells include:

  • Hype cells – represented by a flame symbol and provides hype points for Nefties who stand on them
  • Healing cells – represented by the heart symbol and provide HP to Nefties standing on them
  • Bumper cells – represented by arrows, these push Nefties in a set direction for a set distance

Aurory guide: Token ($AURY)

AURY serves as Aurory’s multi-utility ecosystem token, and it fuels all the operations in the game. Players can use the token for staking and to access dungeons. It also permits access to PvP modes via staking. As for the future, plans are under development to allow AURY to serve as the governance token. This would allow holders to vote on game decisions.

AURY currently has a live price of $0.65 with a market capitalization of $6,296,815. Secondly, the token has a circulating supply of 9,600,000 with a maximum and total supply of 100 million. 


Whitepaper: Aurory Tokenomics
  • 25% Play-to-Earn
  • 24% Treasury
  • 18% Seed investors
  • 15% Team & advisors
  • 7% Public sales
  • 7% Ecosystem fund
  • 5% Aurory NFT
  • 4% Liquidity
  • 2% Community fund

Staking and xAury

Players who stake AURY receive xAury tokens. This token represents the player’s share in the liquidity pool and where staking rewards are accrued. In the flexible staking pool, you receive xAury tokens representing the AURY that was staked. This protocol allows you to unstake your tokens at any time. Later, if you decide to unstake your AURY, the xAury tokens will be required. Furthermore, as xAury tokens increase, so does the number of AURY tokens received when a player unstakes. Just visit the Aurory staking app and provide your details to begin staking.

Price history

CoinMarketCap: Aury

On Nov. 8, 2021, AURY reached its all-time high of $23.29. However, the hype was short-lived, and was followed by a sharp fall to $13.21 just a couple of weeks later. After re-visiting some highs of $20, the price has been in a gradual downtrend since. AURY is down a total of 97.3% since its ATH.

Where can I buy and trade ($AURY)?

Aurory tokens are not available on most cryptocurrency exchanges, but there are a few places to buy them. You will need USDT to purchase AURY, so a direct purchase with fiat is impossible now. The best exchanges to buy AURY tokens are:

Centralized exchanges 

KuCoinKuCoin is a popular exchange known for its high security and easy registration process

Decentralized exchanges

  • Serum DEX – Serum is a decentralized protocol and ecosystem built on Solana that provides low transaction costs and high speeds for DeFi projects.
  • Raydium – Raydium is an automated market maker (AMM) built on Solana and provides lightning-fast trades, shared liquidity, and yield earnings.

Aurory guide: How can you earn playing Aurory?

Players can acquire various assets that have a monetary value during gameplay. Then, these assets can be exchanged in the Aurory marketplace. You can trade Nefties, tools, and battlefields inside the market. The four asset pillars for earning in Aurory include:

  • Aurorians & Tacticians – NFT characters that can be traded and boost rewards in the game
  • Eggs & NFTs – Can be purchased, hatched, or earned in gameplay
  • In-game items – Cosmetics or power stones to unlock abilities and visual appearances
  • Land ownership – Can be purchased and is where dungeons are randomly spawned, leading to in-game benefits 

Aurory guide: NFTs

Aurorians are the Aurory project’s NFT collection. Players who wish to support the Aurory project can buy these NFTs in return for special perks. These include access to private alphas and beta game modes. In the future, Aurory plans to integrate these NFTs into the game as 3D evolvable models. The collection is made up of 10,000 striking and unique characters. Players can purchase the NFTs in the Aurory marketplace. Alternatively, the Aurorian NFTs can also be found on OpenSea and Solanart

Aurory guide: Aurorian NFT marketplace
Aurorian NFT Marketplace

Aurory guide: Story and beginnings

The Aurory project comprises a team of experienced animators, artists, and developers who have worked with AAA companies like Ubisoft, Gameloft, and Electronic Arts. The people involved also have experience creating their own 2D and 3D games. Alongside Paul Vadillo, co-founder and art director Yann Penno has 13 years of experience in multiple game studios. Other major Aurory players well-known in the crypto community include the founder of the Daily Ape, Darren Lau.

The promising future in store for Aurory

Aurory is one of many blockchain-based games climbing the ranks in terms of quality and graphic mechanics. They are one of the first AAA DeFi games with an incredible demo where characters can walk around the immersive worlds. As this Aurory guide shows, the project has also demonstrated top-class marketing and pre-game activities. The P2E game raised $108.85 million during its token sale and sold out the entire collection in three seconds post-mint.

The project is also ripe for expansion and plans to roll out a series of “Seasons” where new adventures and regions are unlocked. All these factors indicate a strong foothold for Aurory fans considering their long-term plans in the game.

Frequently asked questions

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