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KYC Limits: Where to Find Loyal Conditions?

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Updated by Shilpa Lama

Does life without KYC exist?

The explosive growth of the cryptocurrency market and implementation of digital assets in diverse industries are the two main catalysts attracting crowds of newcomer cryptocurrency holders. Since the beginning of 2021, the number of blockchain wallets has increased by 20,4% to surpass the mark of 76 million.

Cryptocurrency exchanges these days strictly follow KYC policies, and such a factor sometimes creates numerous troubles and headaches for newer entrants. On the other hand, KYC requirements are the new mainstream of the cryptocurrency sector.

Cryptocurrency traders prefer to hold their assets on cryptocurrency exchanges that combine the holding option with an opportunity to exchange funds to other digital currencies with minimum fees. Meanwhile, the more restrictions an exchange implements for unverified users, the fewer holders select such a platform to create an account on. TBCC is a combination of experience and reliability flavored with more loyal conditions.

Competitive advantages of the TBCC platform

The cryptocurrency market is rich in diverse cryptocurrency trading platforms. Why should investors and traders select TBCC?

  1. More than 100 trading pairs are available, including top-rated coins, and fast-growing projects. The platform is about to list promising coins before they appear on major cryptocurrency exchanges.
  2. Traders face one of the lowest trading fees that make it convenient and cost-efficient to exchange digital assets.
  3. The high-level customer support lets cryptocurrency traders and investors get instant answers to their questions.
  4. Reward programs are available for traders and investors. Invite your family, friends, and colleagues to get pleasant rewards.

100% security and high liquidity through the Binance Cloud technology

The TBCC trading platform was launched on Binance Cloud technology. Users experience the highest protection of their funds, as the Binance exchange itself is responsible for security and protection. Binance leads the ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges, according to trading volumes. Binance servers guarantee 100% protection of traders/investors’ funds.

Furthermore, the Binance Cloud technology connects users with one of the largest liquidity pools to enable traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly in correspondence with the market prices.

KYC conditions

TBCC is a licensed cryptocurrency exchange that acts in the fullest correspondence with legislative norms.

Investors and traders decide on their own whether to undergo the verification procedure or stay unverified. TBCC has more convenient conditions for unverified users. Binance limits daily withdrawals by 0.6 BTC (or equivalent in other assets) for traders who haven’t completed the verification. TBCC extends withdrawal limits to 2 BTC per 24 hours.

TBCC token: A good investment

The TBCC exchange has launched the same-name token, offering traders and investors to partake in the exchange’s ecosystem. The token provides users with access to deposit and saving programs announced by the exchange and grants holders the right to vote for upgrades and improvements related to the TBCC exchange.

Future horizons of the TBCC project

The TBCC team clearly outlines all the upcoming development stages through the project’s road map. At present, the TBCC exchange is available in English, Chinese, and Russian languages. As for Telegram support, Spanish and Italian language options are supported as well. The platform is going to enter the international arena.

The exchange founders understand that providing users with ultimate advantages in every sphere is a key project’s mission.

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