Kevin O’Leary Allocates 3% Portfolio to BTC

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In Brief
  • Shark Tank star Kevin O'Leary says he is investing 3% of his portfolio in Bitcoin.

  • He changed his profile picture to convey his support for Bitcoin.

  • Other Bitcoin critics may become supporters eventually.

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There are many “change of hearts” in this BTC bull market, with skeptics and critics warming up to the idea of owning Bitcoin. But Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary is probably one of the least-expected individuals to take part in the Bitcoin economy.



Mr.Wonderful tweets BTC

Mr. Wonderful, as he is commonly called, had tweeted earlier today, questioning what Bitcoin truly is. It appears that even the veteran investor does not fully understand the largest cryptocurrency.

As of now, he thinks that BTC “maybe” a currency, property, and asset. Regardless, he has decided to allocate 3% of his portfolio to Bitcoin. For someone with a net worth of $400 million, this allocation amounts to $12 million worth of BTC.

O’Leary also shared that “every operating company” he has invested in is warming to the idea of adding Bitcoin on their balance sheet, just like MicroStrategy, Tesla, and Square, among others.

But his venture does not stop there. The blunt investor/TV star is also exploring ways to invest in Bitcoin mining with zero-carbon emissions. With the BTC price rising to new all-time highs, mining the cryptocurrency has proven to be profitable in this bull run.

O’Leary Powers Up to Become a Bitcoin Bull

Along with the tweet, Mr. Wonderful also linked to an Instagram post of himself, sporting the trending laser eyes.

The meme started on February 15 when crypto podcaster Greg Zaj posted #LaserRayUntil100K in a tweet. Since then, other community members mimicked the idea as the trend had spread through most of CryptoTwitter.

Among them are MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, Blockstream Co-Founder Adam Back, even Elon Musk and U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis at some point.

According to Coin Center Head of Communications Neeraj Agrawal, the laser eyes are meant to show “growing power levels,” like when a heroic “character’s eyes glow in a movie.”

Kevin O’Leary is now part of this trend. This begs the question, does O’Leary truly believe BTC will hit $100,000?

BTC Bull Market Changes Perspectives

The Shark Tank investor used to be a major Bitcoin critique for several years. In 2019, he once called Bitcoin “garbage” in a live CNBC report. In fact, last January, he had uploaded a video entitled “Why I’m Not Investing in Bitcoin!.”

If someone like O’Leary, who used to be outspoken about his disdain for Bitcoin and the crypto market, can become a Bitcoin bull, maybe there is still hope for other disbelievers Peter Schiff and Nouriel Roubini.


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