TRON founder Justin Sun has had his personal Weibo account shut down by Chinese authorities. This comes about a month after the official TRON account was banned, as BeInCrypto has previously reported. It appears that China will continue to promote blockchain but clamp down on actual cryptocurrencies.

The news came to Twitter via Dovey Wan (@DoveyWan), who announced that the account was offline and added that she was “not surprised,” as Sun has been very vocal about his company and the recent lunch he was supposed to have with Warren Buffet, though the meeting never took place.

Not the First Time Weibo Has Censored TRON

Just last month, BeInCrypto reported that the official TRON account had been taken down, and on the very same day Binance saw its trading account on Weibo banned as well. All of this comes as China continues to crack down on cryptocurrency exchanges and related platforms, despite touting blockchain as a revolutionary technology. In the thread, Wan noted that as of now both Binance’s new Weibo account and that of their CEO, Changpeng Zhao, are still active.

Justin Sun himself was quick to respond by both urging people to keep following him through Twitter and claiming that this will be “resolved asap.” It is unclear if there is actually any recourse for Sun at this time.

News for and Against Justin Sun

Obviously, the Twitter community was not thrilled with this news. Several voices came out in support of Sun, claiming this was just more evidence of the project’s relevance. Others were quick to call the cryptocurrency a scam, seemingly unfazed by the larger issue at hand about censorship. As for the market itself, the price of TRON did take a bit of a dip from the news but has since partially rebounded.

Regardless of whether they use TRON or not, many are concerned about what this could mean for the entire decentralized currency community. If China can censor social media simply because they don’t like what someone is promoting, then surely any government can. It is worrying to think other major nations like Russia or the US could conceivably follow suit. Hopefully, the power of this technology will win out in the end, but for now, we will likely continue to see stories like this come out until governments either embrace cryptocurrency or eliminate it entirely.

David Borman

David is a freelance writer with a specialty in technology and cryptocurrency. He has been writing his whole life, but professionally for two years and hopes to stay in the field forever. In addition to cryptocurrency, David follows politics, current events and financial news.

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