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Islander Partners With Avalaunch For IDE

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4 January 2022, 12:00 GMT+0000
4 January 2022, 17:00 GMT+0000

Islander has just announced its cooperation with the industry-leading launchpad platform Avalaunch. The strategic partnership will bring the project’s highly-anticipated and landmark Initial Distribution Event (IDE) launch to life.

The IDE will operate similarly to other Avalaunch IDOs, minus any costs to the participant. That means the Islander public sale has been purchased by Avalaunch and will be distributed at no cost to their devoted community through this IDE.

This is a very special concept created by Avalaunch and Islander, to show appreciation and support for their community members. In addition to the Islander allocation, Avalaunch will be adding $300,000 USD worth of XAVA to the IDE, bringing the total up to $600,000 of pooled assets.

In a nutshell, Avalaunch will host Islander’s initial distribution event and also provide solid support to the rapidly growing and promising blockchain project.

The partnership is an outstanding milestone in Islander’s journey to becoming a significant project and a major player in the decentralized affiliate marketing industry.

The upcoming IDE on Avalaunch launchpad starting on January 2, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. (UTC) will provide the opportunity for a wide range of crypto enthusiasts and investors, as well as a broader community to invest in the future of the Islander project.

Avalaunch will be hosting this IDE not only because of its support for Islander from the beginning but also of the way Avalaunch and Islander have seen eye-to-eye on giving values and benefits to their supporters and communities.

Avalaunch also holds an impressive track record of handling successful token offerings that will not only benefit the projects but also yield incredible value to investors.

Apart from conducting an exceptional IDE for Islander, Avalaunch will assist the project in providing strategic guidance around growth, marketing, and community building, and utilize its extensive reach in the crypto industry and a plethora of creator communities, to drive massive exposure to Islander.

They will also help the project with the deployment of core infrastructure that will make the entire offering process a success.

An innovative online learn to earn and decentralized affiliate marketing platform

The concept of learn-to-earn in the decentralized world is starting to develop in the blockchain ecosystem.

Islander is one of the first projects to follow this path and realize the massive potential that blockchain unlocks for decentralized affiliate marketing and exploring the prospects of the sector.

The project is on its way to pave the way for a whole new marketing world and accelerate mass crypto adoption.

Islander is building a decentralized platform for project owners to manage and market their projects in a unique way. The emerging platform is dedicated to revolutionizing the legacy model through its learn-to-earn mechanics.

Central to this proposition of Islander is the native token Islander (ISA) which is a cryptocurrency with the sole purpose of facilitating content and community marketing.

ISA serves multiple purposes: helping projects discover, grow and maintain an audience of bonafide supporters and allowing key opinion leaders the opportunity to leverage their combined marketing power and earn.

Last but not least, it creates earning opportunities for content creators. In the near future, users can also use ISA to buy access to exclusive content from a writer or buy exclusive perks offered by the platform, or take ISA to tier up with higher benefit packages for learn-to-earn activities.

The project also gears towards providing easy-to-use and intuitive tools for implementing and managing users’ own projects.

As a developer, you will also receive full support from Islander, with powerful open-source software development kits (SDKs) including wallets, plugins, customizable quests, management apps, and a payment gateway platform.

Being on board with Islander project, users can partake in different types of quests created by project owners, and get rewarded instantly.

In brief, Islander’s toolkit enables crypto projects, influencers, and content creators to communicate their marketing efforts in a fun and interactive way.

Monetization will be robust and immediate.

In addition to its top-level decentralized affiliate marketing infrastructure for basically everyone, Islander is working towards establishing a high-quality content and high adaptability market that will enable users to monetize their own content because the project itself can be used to promote other cryptocurrencies.

With its open-source policy and full development support, developers can seamlessly integrate Islander into their platforms.

Overall, Islander is working its way towards becoming a leading-edge learn-to-earn and decentralized affiliate marketing platform. The IDE with Avalaunch will spearhead other milestones that would bolster the further development of Islander.

About Islander

Islander is an online learn-to-earn and decentralized platform to manage and market your own projects in a unique way.

Project owners (crypto project managers, influencers, content creators) can quickly engage their audience’s attention and nurture them in the long term by giving out interesting and interactive quests as well as tradable NFT items, which are either pre-made by the platform or customized by its users. Follow Islander on other platforms to never miss out on updates:

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