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Invest in WGC, Invest in Green Climate World

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Investing smart means investing in projects that can make a difference.

Green Climate World is one of them – allowing one to contribute to tree planting on a scale that’s needed to fight climate change.

What does it mean to invest smartly? Too often, do we put too much focus on short-term financial goals? Becoming more financially comfortable is vital, especially during the difficult times that we currently experience, going through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, we must not forget about the fact that even if we are financially successful, if we do not take care of our planet, and invest sustainably, the money that we make may not matter.

According to the analysis by NOAA, the average global temperatures in 2020 were 0.98 degrees C warmer than the 20th-century average. With extreme weather events increasing at an alarming rate, it is impossible to ignore climate change anymore.

Sustainable investing is becoming a new trend. Even big financial companies are starting to take it seriously. James Gorman, the CEO of Morgan Stanley, has recently created an Institute for Sustainable Investing, claiming that

“For us at Morgan Stanley, it is abundantly clear that the solutions to global challenges can only achieve the required scale if they can attract a critical mass of private capital”.

You can contribute to that growing trend on your own, with your own money, in your own time.

Nature is one of the best solutions to climate change, but it is underestimated, as nature-based solutions receive only 3% of all climate funding.

Forests are very effective at storing carbon. Trees help fight climate change. So if you can’t plant trees on your own, what is there to be done? Investing in companies that do it professionally. Such as Green Climate World.

Green Climate world is a project aiming to improve life on our planet by restoring the oxygen levels in the atmosphere. The core of the project is the WGC Token.

In order to reach that goal, they take a small percent of the value of the WGC token and put it toward planting trees. 

Above all, the Green Climate World project is transparent and accountable. The data that they collect: the amounts of oxygen and carbon emitted, will come from external CO2 and O2 atmospheric sensors directly to the blockchain, without the possibility for any kind of outside interference.

No one will be able to, in any way, alter or delete the log received by the sensors.

Combining their innovative approach, sustainable mission, and growth potential (Gen Z are, after all, very concerned about the state of climate change, and they invest in crypto at an increasing rate!), one may say with full conviction: The Green Climate World token will be an investment into your future. It has the potential to enhance all types of wellbeing: planetary, personal, financial. So invest smart, invest in WGC!

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