[Update (2020-05-29): BeInCrypto Vietnam has received numerous reports from readers that Erasken Exchange has been automatically converting users’ deposited USDT funds into ERK tokens. Users are also reporting being unable to withdraw funds. Others have noted Erasken’s apparent false claims to being partnered with major cryptocurrency exchange Kraken. As always, BeInCrypto encourages readers conduct their own due diligence and exercise caution before sending funds to any new and unproven cryptocurrency project.]

What Is Erasken Exchange?

ERASKEN exchange is an all-in-one exchange. Thus, we are acknowledged as a partly centralized and decentralized financial system. ERASKEN delivers peer-to-peer trading and individual wallets to users where they take control of their keys perfectly, completely in line with Satoshi and his ideas. Moreover, we recognize ourselves as a centralized company and in control of the ERASKEN ecosystem which we are liable to build and enhance.

How Does Erasken Work?

ERASKEN runs on its own blockchain – ‘ERASKEN’’ chain, it can be used to mediate a vast array of exchange activities. The ERASKEN digital asset provides holders with access to unique valued offerings such as lowering trading fees, priority access to newly listed assets, access to fiat functionality, staking for coins that support a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism, and more.

Moreover, based on the amount of ERASKEN you are holding, you will receive a part of this pool once the running costs are covered, ERASKEN exchange redistributes all platform trading fees to ERASKEN holders.

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What makes Erasken different?

Erasken Wallet

Every user on our platform is provided with a personal blockchain wallet address for each type of asset. QR scanning, withdrawal, deposits.

Custom Short Address (CSA)

If you are tired with long and complicated address, such as znfkwexsngfkjncd123jgjyffdeffs09, welcome to ERASKEN! In here, you can customize your own address, maybe something personal such as Messi0508002.

200x Lerverge (Erasken Futures)

If you feel 150x is not enough, we have 200x leverage on Erasken Futures.

Erasken chain

A unique differentiating factor between ERASKEN exchange and other leading exchange platforms, with the exception of a few, is that we have developed and deployed our own blockchain, which will power our trading platform and deliver enhanced transfer speeds, asset security, and flexibility.

Why did we need a blockchain of our own?

Many currently active blockchains within the industry are unfortunately incapable of facilitating transaction throughput that can accommodate the needs of a mass and growing market.


The exchange makes use of high throughput and low latency database performance capabilities, and Erasken is able to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions per second (200,000 tps) with less than 1ms of latency.

Our Mission & Vision

ERASKEN has a greater vision than just another typical cryptocurrency exchange. ERASKEN aims to accomplish more than simply tackling key pain points that the market knows right now. ERASKEN aims to support mass crypto and blockchain adoption. We aim to bridge the blockchain world with the “real” world. We strongly believe that this is critical in order to succeed in the journey towards the adoption and recognition of cryptocurrencies as a valuable asset class.

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