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AI Revolutionizes Risk Management: Interview With Steve Rosenblum, Founder of Libertify

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One of the fathers of the European Web 1 is diving into Web3! Indeed, if you don’t recognize his name, his previous successes speak for themselves. 

In 1999, Steve Rosenblum co-founded Pixmania’s e-commerce website with his brother in Paris. By 2006, the platform was present in 26 countries. In 2008, he was one of the first investors in Deezer.

Today, 16 million people in 180 countries use the music streaming app. He didn’t stop there, as he’s one of the first board members of, the TV channel online watching service, which had surpassed 12 million users by 2021.

Now, Steve Rosenblum is turning his attention to crypto. But not just that. The businessman, always at the forefront of new technological trends, has launched the rising French startup Libertify.

It’s a solution based on Artificial Intelligence that scans social networks, analyzes market trends, and audits wallets (cryptocurrency portfolios) with the aim of providing recommendations to users so they can place orders that would reduce their risk exposure or even improve their returns.

The founder and CEO of Libertify, Steve Rosenblum, agreed to answer our questions. Here’s his exclusive interview given to BeinCrypto:

  • Hello Steve Rosenblum, you are the founder of and one of the pioneers of Digital in France. Could you first introduce yourself?

Hello, I am an entrepreneur, and you have probably encountered one of the 3 success stories I co-founded in your daily life: Pixmania, Deezer, or Molotov. To date, these have generated over €2 billion in value creation.

The one thing these business projects have in common is always having a particular momentum: the intersection of a technological change and a new generation of users.

  • Why did you launch

As we are experiencing a revolution in the world of finance, with trading applications for individuals and the explosive growth of Millennial and Gen Z investors who manage their own money, there is no Risk management solution available to them.

It’s like putting them in a Formula 1 race without a helmet or brake pedal.

Given this alarming observation, Libertify’s ambition is to immediately provide access to AI Risk Management (AIRM) for the masses.

  • Can you give us an overview of Libertify and its main features?

Libertify AIRM is a unique risk management platform powered by AI.

We are committed to using big data to neutralize cognitive biases and provide all the tools necessary to secure individual investments while preserving their performance.

Olivier Sibony, Professor at HEC and co-author with Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahleman of the bestseller “Noise” focused on cognitive mechanisms that lead to errors, joined us from the beginning of the adventure, fascinated by the prospects of our project.

  • What are your services?

The AIRM offering revolves around two hemispheres:

-The Left, literary dedicated to content:

Our AI Content summarizes thousands of asset information, thus generating targeted Snack content, presenting essential elements, and a refined selection of financial information.

From the latest news to technical analysis, we massively and quickly inform, allowing everyone to make the right choice.

-The right scientific, integrating our technology:

Our AI Risk Management solution aims to make investment safer for everyone by providing cutting-edge tools to put individual investors on the same level as large banks.

We are also working on developing new AI wealthtech solutions, allowing banks to initiate a new enhanced relationship with their future clients.

  • What do you think of Web3 and the future of Cryptos?

I fundamentally believe in decentralized finance; its advent is inevitable with the future tokenization of stocks.

Like any rapidly accelerating market, new rules and clarifications are needed to allow investors to venture into it more confidently. We also need to consider new tools to manage it better.

For instance, we just launched the first AI portfolio audit.

A unique and free solution to allow everyone to discover their maximum risk exposure and to benefit from an immediate optimization proposal while preserving performance.

Given the incredible volatility of Crypto assets, one can easily see the value of this assessment. A forewarned investor is always worth two.

  • How do you connect to Libertify AIRM?

Today, our platform integrates a set of unprecedented solutions accessible in CEFi and DEFi, allowing you to manage and optimize your portfolio with a single click.

Our SaaS platform is developed for digital banks, brokers, crypto platforms, decentralized wallets, and securities accounts of traditional banks.

  • Do you have a CSR policy? How do you combine finance and environment?

Libertify supports the revolution of environmental, social, and governance criteria.

We promote full remote working, a selection of responsible technical providers, optimized technological choices (Serverless, AWS Graviton servers generating 30% less CO2), a partnership with Pixmania to use recycled equipment…

Moreover, we have just launched an AI Crypto Green fund focused on the 10 cryptos whose commitments to the environment are the strongest. Finally, our mission is to complement these essential changes with the advent of responsible finance that is committed to individual investors.

  • What are your latest news?

LIBERTIFY has just won the Fast Track Hong Kong Fintech Paris. Meeting in Paris, the Jury (Axa Next, BPI, Les Echos, AngelHub…) selected LIBERTIFY to represent France in the grand finale of this prestigious award, which will take place on November 2nd in Hong Kong. May the Force be with us!”

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