Hybrid Chatbots are Coming for Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency

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Facebook appears to be moving forward with its controversial Libra project. The social media behemoth has just acquired what might turn out to be a key piece of the puzzle — Servicefriend, an Israel-based startup that builds advanced AI chatbot solutions.

According to a report by Israeli newspaper the Marker, the new acquisition will allow Facebook to develop a proprietary customer services solution for its Calibra subsidiary, providing the support that new and current users will need when getting to grips with Libra. By purchasing the company behind the hybrid AI chatbot solution already experienced by millions of users worldwide, it appears Facebook is trying to do whatever it can to reduce friction for Libra users.

Servicefriend allows companies to provide consistent, brandable experiences to service users, with artificial intelligence used to make the conversation feel more natural and personalized. The platform has been used by practically every major tech company, including Viber, WhatsApp, Microsoft, Google as well as Facebook prior to the purchase.

Typically, Facebook was nonchalant about the acquisition, stating: “We acquire smaller tech companies from time to time. We don’t always discuss our plans,” in a response to questioning from TechCrunch.

However, although Facebook appears to be making great strides towards launching Libra, it will likely need to run a gauntlet between now and early 2020 if it plans to launch on time. So far, both France and Germany have pledged to block Libra from launching in Europe due to concerns that it could threaten the monetary sovereignty of the euro. Similarly, regulators in other countries have expressed concerns about the cryptocurrency, indicating Libra’s launch will be anything but simple.

Servicefriend is the latest in a series of acquisitions this year, many of which appear to be directly targeted towards building or refining the Libra experience. Back in February, Facebook acquired the London-based startup Chainspace, which has been tasked with developing the Libra blockchain technology.

Which acquisition do you think could help make Libra a surefire success? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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