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Huobi Global Launches Its First Grid Trading Competition

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Huobi Global x BitUniverse to launch a grid trading competition with 40,000 USDT as reward.

Whether you are a veteran trader benefiting from comprehensive strategies or someone curious about the astounding returns people around you made on trading cryptocurrencies, chances are you may not want to miss out on the 40,000 USDT worth of prize pool from Huobi Global. The globally renowned cryptocurrency exchange is holding its first-ever Grid Trading competition together with its strategic partner BitUniverse, an industry expert in grid trading BOT.

Why grid trading?

Grid trading profits from the ups and downs of the crypto market. Simply set a price range for the BOT, adjust how many grids you want and as long as the price stays within the set range, the BOT will always sell a portion when the price goes up a bit and buy a portion when it goes down a bit. It is a simple-to-use practical strategy amid a fluctuated sideways market.

How can I get the prize?

There are three types of awards, and it is possible to win all of them with careful planning and a bit of luck!

  1. New User Award – 27,500 USDT in total

The first 550 new grid trading users who register on/after 14 Jan 2022 and fulfil relevant trading criteria will be awarded 50 USDT each.

  • Daily Ranking Award – 9,000 USDT in total

During the 10-day competition period, users will be ranked daily by rate of return on investment from grid trading. The top 30 participants will share a daily prize of 900 USDT, with each gets 30 USDT. If your rate of return is high enough you are entitled to get this award more than once, capped at three times.

  • General Ranking Award – 3,500 USDT in total

By the end of the competition, all grid trading bots that meet the requirements of relevant award rules will be ranked by total profit generated from the competition. 9 users with the highest total profit will share the 3,500 USDT prize pool. 1 First Prize winner will win 1,000 USDT, 3 Second Prize winners will win 500 USDT each, and five Third Prize winners will win 200 USDT each.

Sounds interesting, how can I join?

Simply follow these steps below to get yourself a grid trading BOT.

  1. Sign up on Huobi Global

Use Huobi Global sign-up link to enjoy 50% to 65% trading fee discount.

  1. Sign up on Bituniverse.
  2. Create an API from your Huobi Account (Select “Read” and “Trade”, do NOT select “Withdraw”);
  3. Connect your Huobi API to BitUniverse;
  4. Create a Grid Trading Bot at BitUniverse with your Huobi API;
  5. Fill in the form with your account information.

When does the competition start / end?

There is a sign-up period and a competition period. Get onboard early to familiarize yourself with the grid trading bot settings, as your prize depends on it.

Sign-up period:00:00 (UTC) on Jan 14 –23:59 (UTC) on Jan 26, 2022.

Competition period:00:00 (UTC) on Jan 17 – 23:59 (UTC) on Jan 26, 2022.

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