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How Swapin Allows You to Pay Bills With Crypto

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The crypto-to-fiat pioneer in Europe, Piixpay, is now known formally as Swapin.

The new brand name better represents a renewed and more ambitious vision to bridge the gap between everyday activities and experiences and the world of digital finance. 

Swapin isn’t only focused on buying, selling, or even sending or receiving crypto. Those options are included, but Swapin seeks to replace the way regular individuals complete common tasks like buying groceries or even paying recurring bills online – only with crypto.

At the same time, Swapin is a gateway solution for merchants to accept crypto easily yet receive fiat instantly to an IBAN account instead.

With businesses and individuals more closely connected through crypto, the ecosystem can expand, and more value can grow.

Learn more about how the latest Swapin solutions are the easiest way to pay bills with crypto.

What is Swapin? Formerly Piixpay

Swapin is an EU-licensed and regulated crypto-to-fiat payment processing company offering a complete set of turn-key B2C and B2B solutions.

These unique tools make using crypto and accepting crypto as easy as fiat, all while avoiding excessive accounting and legal compliance struggles.

In a matter of clicks, individuals can send crypto that instantly converts into fiat when reaching the specified account. Businesses can also accept cryptocurrencies yet receive fiat to their bank account instantly instead.

Individuals benefit from being able to pay for goods and services with their crypto, and businesses get to tap into new revenue streams and customer bases that were previously otherwise unreachable.

How to pay bills easily with crypto and Swapin

The Swapin website is simple to use, first and foremost. Any platform seeking to make it easy for everyone to take advantage of using crypto as it is intended must focus on accessibility.

The entire user interface is clear, clean, and straight to the point.

Swapin offers two B2C-based crypto-to-fiat payment solutions currently in the form of Instapay and Instafill.

For anyone making a one-off payment, Instafill is the perfect solution. For recurring expenses such as bills, subscriptions, rent, loan payments, and more, there is Instapay.

Instapay begins with a drop-down menu allowing users to select from a set of predefined payment types, such as electricity, TV & internet, bank loans, education, and many others. Other utilities and bill types are also possible.

Users must fill out all related recipient details, set a payment description, and include the beneficiary’s IBAN account information. After reviewing all input info is correct, clicking pay initiates the payment and sets up the predefined payment for future repeat use. 

With all information now stored within Swapin’s website, users can set reminders on when to make bill payments, see which crypto asset is scheduled to be paid out and at what amount, view the beneficiary’s name, and more.

It is also simple to remove and delete existing payments if they are no longer needed or add a new predefined payment on the fly.

The Swapin dashboard also keeps a detailed history of past transactions and bill payments. In case there is an accounting discrepancy with a recipient, Swapin provides fully transparent transaction logs, complete with related blockchain or banking data.

Using the calendar tool, users can filter for a specific date range to get a more granular view of individual transactions.

What’s next for Swapin?

After a highly successful funding round raising more than €1.68m and attracting well-known advisors from the investment world and blockchain industry, Swapin has its sights set on total domination over the European market.

A 2022 company roadmap revealed the aggressive plan to expand into Germany, France, and Nordic countries. Persuasive marketing campaigns are planned along with the localization of the new Swapin website and the launch of a multilingual mobile app.

Swapin also will release InstaBuy, a quick and straightforward crypto purchasing tool, in the latter portion of the year. Simultaneously, as a regulated financial entity, Swapin is seeking an Electronic Money Institution License and is working on a virtual IBAN implementation.

Summary: Try Swapin for paying bills in crypto

The next time you consider paying your bills online, consider using crypto through Swapin and getting the most mileage out of your digital assets.

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