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Homer Coin & BTC2.0 Prices Explode, But Are They Legit? Traders Are Backing Mr Hankey Coin Instead

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It’s been a crazy 24 hours in the meme coin market, with Homer Simpson ($HOMER) and Bitcoin 2.0 ($BTC2.0) both exploding in value.

However, despite these surges, traders are expressing concerns about the security and longevity of these tokens.

While $HOMER and $BTC2.0 are experiencing astonishing price hikes, many in the crypto community are also turning their attention towards a different meme coin with enormous price potential – Mr Hankey Coin ($HANKEY).

$HOMER & $BTC2.0 Create Meme Coin Frenzy After Huge Rallies

Homer Simpson ($HOMER) has grabbed the spotlight in the meme coin space, with its price rocketing over 11,000% in the past day.

The token, themed around the beloved Simpsons character, has registered an enormous price rally – seemingly out of nowhere.

Per, $HOMER has raced to a market cap of $2.14 million, with 266 wallet addresses now holding the token.

In the same vein, Bitcoin 2.0 ($BTC2.0), another new meme coin, has also seen an incredible surge in value.

Positioned as a “second chance” for those who missed the original $BTC, Bitcoin 2.0 has grown exponentially, with price up 8,900% in the past 24 hours.

The impressive performance of these two recently introduced tokens has caught the interest of the cryptocurrency community – amazing investors with the profit potential on offer.

Investor Caution Prevails As $HOMER and $BTC2.0 Come Under Scrutiny

Despite the excitement and allure of these massive gains, both $HOMER and $BTC2.0 have become the subjects of intense scrutiny.

Many traders have raised their eyebrows at the tokens’ rapid price increases, speculating that there could be potential price manipulation or “rug pulls” in the works.

Seasoned traders understand the risks associated with sudden and explosive price movements, which often indicate unstable market dynamics and the possibility of dramatic price crashes.

Furthermore, the projects’ lack of substantial information and absence of clear use cases have contributed to a sense of unease.

Therefore, despite the buzz, most experienced investors are steering clear of $HOMER and $BTC2.0 – given their potential for price decreases.

Fortunately, with CoinMarketCap data revealing that the meme coin niche is now valued at over $15.3 billion, there are plenty of opportunities for those looking to add low-cap cryptos to their portfolios.

Which Meme Coin Are Traders Backing to Skyrocket?

With the security of $HOMER and $BTC2.0 still in question, many meme coin enthusiasts are opting to seek out alternative tokens.

One token already being backed to rocket in value is Mr Hankey Coin – a South Park-themed meme coin gearing up to launch its presale phase.

Viral Mr Hankey Coin is Launching $500k Presale in Two Days with Limited Spots

As its name suggests, Mr Hankey Coin ($HANKEY) is a brand-new meme coin that’s inspired by the legendary “Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo” character from South Park.

Built using Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard, $HANKEY aims to be much more than just a meme coin with no utility. Per the project’s “Brownpaper,” Mr Hankey Coin is set to launch on July 13, with a presale phase that will offer 400,000,000 $HANKEY tokens.

This presale will have a hard cap set at just $500,000 – designed to quicken $HANKEY’s debut on exchanges and help facilitate a price pump right from the get-go.

Moreover, the developers behind Mr Hankey Coin have ensured the token will be launched with a strong liquidity provision since 40% of the total $HANKEY supply will be dedicated to the liquidity pool. 

This robust foundation, combined with Mr Hankey Coin’s hilarious theme, has prompted a wave of meme coin enthusiasts to join the project’s official Telegram channel. Similarly themed shitcoins like Homer Coin are exploding every week, which indicates that Mr Hankey Coin has viral potential.

Adding to the rapidly-growing hype is that the developers have already kickstarted a substantial marketing campaign ready to spread the word about $HANKEY.

Already, $HANKEY has been featured on renowned platforms like DEX Screener, CoinGecko, PooCoin, and BeInCrypto.

This savvy marketing has helped the developers build a community prior to the token’s launch, with early investors already looking to participate in the pending presale phase. Interested traders can join now to get notified of the launch time and guarantee a spot in the presale.

You can visit the Mr Hankey Coin presale here.

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