HEX Stoops to Another Low, Desperately Tries to Pump Price

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The cryptocurrency scam HEX is trying to lure people by claiming that users can double their money using the lowest possible values on the HEX/BTC pair. The shameless promotion has just reached a new low.

Earlier this month, BeInCrypto reported on a Bitcoin-linked investment scheme called HEX. The project promises high ROI and claims to be the first ‘high-interest blockchain certificate of deposit.’ Serial entrepreneur Richard Heart is behind the project and many have likened it to a Ponzi scheme. 

A Shameless New Low for HEX

HEX’s critics were quickly proven true shortly after it started trading and plummeted in value. It is currently oscillating between 1 and 2 satoshis with its trading volume dwindling. However, this didn’t stop HEX from shamelessly promoting itself and explicitly promising returns in the shadiest way imaginable.

As its official Twitter handle (@HEXcrypto) tweeted recently, it claims that users can make money trading HEX via an “interesting tactic.” It says that people can bid on the lowest HEX/BTC values of 1 and 2 satoshi, and keep trading between them. This way, according to HEX, traders can “still make 50% or 100%.” T further seal the deal, the tweet clarifies that “some make 800% though.”

This kind of brazen shameless promotion of pumping-and-dumping your own token is relatively unheard of, even in the cryptocurrency industry. Generally, there’s some tact involved or subtleties––but not with Richard Heart’s HEX.

Begging for a Pump-and-Dump

After a spectacular fall in value, HEX has been trying to pump its token all week. Last week, the shady cryptocurrency tried to entice users yet again by telling users, “you could 2x your stack by spending just 10% more than you originally did” since the project dropped -90%. The responses to the tweet were mostly mockery and jokes.


Although HEX has earned widespread mockery throughout the cryptocurrency industry, we shouldn’t forget that a significant number of people lost all their money due to this scam. This has caused some users to be proactive in stopping it. There has even been a site created with the explicit purpose of exposing HEX’s fraud. 

It’s unclear whether Richard Heart will be able to get away with this scheme, but whatever was left of his reputation is permanently destroyed. Whether we will see some formal charges brought forward against this flagrant money-grab remains to be seen.


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