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Happening Right Now—Marginly is Bootstrapping Liquidity

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Marginly, the leverage-as-a-service protocol that enables one-click leverage on yield-bearing assets, kicked off its Liquidity Bootstrap Event on May 15.

The protocol is rewarding depositors who provide ETH, USDC, or USDT with both high interest rates and Sparks—points that make liquidity providers eligible for the upcoming Marginly airdrop.

Marginly is raising liquidity in this three-week event for pools that enable leveraged yield farming on Pendle, the sizzling DeFi protocol that supports tokenization and trading of future yield. With liquidity in Marginly pools, leveraged yield farmers may post margin and then borrow from these pools to gain their desired leverage and respective APY boost for Pendle Principal Tokens. 

“We’re pumped to announce this Liquidity Bootstrap Event and believe that these trades can go viral given the high yields,” said Taylor Click, Marginly’s Chief Liquidity Officer. “Bootstrapping liquidity for such trades is critical, which is why we’re heavily rewarding early adopters with a massive share of our future airdrop.”

Why provide liquidity to Marginly?

Many DeFi protocols can benefit from liquidity, so why should liquidity providers (LPs) bootstrap Marginly’s liquidity before June 5? The short answer is—high interest rates, special incentives during this Liquidity Bootstrap Event, and protocol safety.

Earn high interest

Everyone loves passive income, which Marginly generates for liquidity providers. The protocol pays up to 45% in interest for ETH, USDC, and USDT—in the same currency that LPs provide for liquidity. 

Earn Sparks

Akin to points in a video game arcade, Sparks make liquidity providers eligible to participate in the future Marginly token airdrop. Marginly is doubling the Sparks awarded to liquidity providers during the Liquidity Bootstrap Event. 

Get the Marginly airdrop

Earning Sparks during the Liquidity Bootstrap Event is what makes liquidity providers eligible to receive part of the Marginly airdrop. Marginly is distributing airdrop tokens to all participants in the Liquidity Bootstrap Event.

Refer friends and get even more Sparks

Marginly supports a two-tier referral system that enables liquidity providers to add to their Sparks tallies. Get the equivalent of 10% of the Sparks earned by your referrals, and 5% of the Sparks earned by the referrals of your referrals. Invite all your friends to earn so many additional Sparks! 

Why providing liquidity on Marginly is safe

Marginly’s technology is already tried and tested, previously for margin trading on Arbitrum since December 2023. The tech was initially designed for leveraged trading of various long-tail assets; that’s why it expertly serves niche leveraged yield farming use cases. 

What else makes the Marginly platform safe for liquidity providers—

  • No impermanent loss because LPs provide only single-sided liquidity
  • Liquidity pools are isolated to minimize LPs’ exposure to risk
  • Platform is 100% decentralized—non-custodial and with no reliance on off-chain oracles
  • Smart contracts are double audited by the cybersecurity OG Quantstamp 

About Marginly

Marginly is a leverage-as-a-service protocol that creates isolated side pools to existing automated market maker pools, enabling lenders to deposit their ETH and stablecoins to earn attractive yields. Leveraged yield farmers on Marginly post margin and then borrow from Marginly pools to gain their desired leverage. Partnered with Pendle for leveraged farming of Pendle’s Principal Tokens, and with EtherFi to bring eETH to Pendle, Marginly is the protocol for one-click leverage on yield-bearing assets.

Get in line for the Marginly airdrop by providing liquidity to a Marginly pool before the Liquidity Bootstrap Event ends on June 5.

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